11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture

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Traveling around Thailand is the most amazing one. Also, many people prefer planning their vacations there. You will be impressed with the ways carried out there. Moreover, the way they greet and show respect and do a lot of other things is worth seeing. Below are listed a few of the unique things about Thai culture that you must know about.

11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture
11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture

Family Matters

Family is considered a lot in Thailand. They have extended families and thinks their cousins as real brother sister. They carry a strong bond with each other and are concerned about each other. Further, children are often raised by grandparents or uncles and aunts. They are grown up into adults and are even taught how the younger generation should treat and respect the elders.


Status plays a vital role in Thai culture. Age, education, sex, job types, income levels, and various other factors play an essential role in contributing to status. Also, Thai people are more considered for their condition and can lose anything to achieve high status.

Showcasing Respect

Another factor is respect, which to plays an important role. They use different languages to show respect to each other. Loss of face is also an essential factor. Entering the home without removing shoes is considered as disregard. Even If one goes to visit any place of a relative without carrying a small gift is also considered as disrespectful. Shouting at someone in public makes one person lose their face. The Thai people never take chances, which makes them lose their face or respect.


Patriotism in the national pride of the Thai people. Also, they play the national anthem twice in the day. Further, on hearing the anthem, people stand still and listen to it. Even, you will say the national flag in many places. They show great respect to their national flag and national anthem.


In Thai culture, no negative vibes are carried out. They hardly carry anger, attitude, or revenge with them. Also, they don’t disrespect their people in public. Even if one bears grudges for anyone, they solve it privately without hurting one’s emotion. Thus, this shows how much they are concerned about the loss of face.

Variety Of Meanings That A Single Smile Carries

As we all know, Thailand is called the land of smiles. It is not because Thai people keep a smile on their face, but because there are different reasons that the Thai people carry a smile. Some Thai people don’t show the real emotions behind their smiles. 

Meaning Of Words Can Differ

At times the meanings of words differ. Yes, always does not mean yes at the time it denotes no also. Thai people are concerned more about their respect, and hence they don’t disrespect anyone. Instead of disapproval, they say yes only.

The Uniqueness Of The Religion

Different religion is practiced in Thailand. The faith that prevails in Thailand is Buddhism. Combination of Hindu practices and traditional Chinese beliefs have influenced the uniqueness of the gospel. Also, they believe in ghosts.

Superstitions Are Rife

Thailand is a land of fear. Further, they believe in ghosts and spirits. Moreover, before any auspicious day, people prefer to consult a monk. Before doing anything useful or planning something, Thai people take the views of a fortune teller.

Respect Is Given To Monks

Monks are seen everywhere in the city. They are given high regard in their culture. No one can even think of disrespecting a monk. No women should be seen close to a monk, and offerings should be given in the dish rather than in the hands.

11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture
11 Things You Should Know About Thai Culture

Body Awareness

Different parts of the body are given importance in Thai culture. Moreover, they consider the head to be the most important part of the body. It is regarded as an offense it one touches another head.

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