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beautiful places in thailand

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia, and this country is best known for opulent royal palaces, tropical beaches, ornate temples, and ancient ruins which display figures of Buddha. You can witness so many heartwarming and beautiful places in Thailand. North Thailand offers you fantastic sightseeing experiences in towns, cities, and remote communities. At the same time, South Thailand offers you beautiful islands, perfect for a more relaxing trip. The best thing about Thailand is that it has great tourist connections and direct flights from major cities. If you are wondering where to visit Thailand, have a look at this list of the best places to visit in Thailand. Have a look.

Know About These Must Visiting And Beautiful Places In Thailand

A large body of water with buildings in the background

Thailand is said to be the home of many truly spectacular places. Check out this list which tells you about the must-visit and most beautiful places in Thailand.


A large body of water with Wat Arun in the background

Bangkok is famous for its market, nightlife, historic sites, and beautiful temples. And also, this city offers really good options for accommodation for all types of budgets.


Phuket is located along the southwest coastal area of the country. Phuket offers you a range of more than 30 adorable white sand beaches. There are so many options for luxury resorts in Phuket, and it is generally advised to plan a stay in Phuket town. Because it is the capital of Phuket province and a nice stopover to see the colorful facades and explore the town.

Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi island is near Phuket and offers you a collection of small islands. Ko phi is famous for its most picturesque beaches in the world. You can enjoy a lot of fun activities on this island, such as going on boat tours, relaxing on beaches, water sports, kayaking, and snorkeling. Beach bars in Ko Phi Phi are a great way for entertainment with music and fore dancing.

Koh Samui

You can experience Muay Thai, go on boat tours, explore coconut plantations, go mountain biking, or you can simply relax at the beautiful beaches in Koh Samui. 

Chiang Mai

Close to the mountain hills in the north of Thailand, you would find Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is extremely popular for lantern festivals, Yee Peng festivals, jungle hikes, elephant sanctuaries, and many more incredible experiences. Within Chiang Mai, you can explore several bars, temples, and a surrounding moat. Just outside this city, you will find a 14th century old and one of the most beautiful temples, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. The grounds of the temple have a very nice early morning viewpoint, and you can also hear soothing prayers by monks early in the morning there.


Thailand is a perfect destination serving you fantastic experiences. The beautiful places in Thailand entertain all kinds of people. For those who are looking for more Asia trips, Thailand is a great destination for you.

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