5 Most Famous Attractions In Yasothon Thailand You Must Visit At Least Once

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The name “Yasothon” is derived from a Thai word that means “crescent bay”. The island lies in the Gulf of Thailand and is one of the most visited and visited tourist destinations of all Thailand. One can plan a complete beach holiday to this place and enjoy the scintillating natural beauty of this place. Tourists can enjoy some of the most thrilling beach activities and sports activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, wind surfing, jet skiing, banana boat rides, river cruise, elephant safari, etc. Tourists can even hold their own Thai massage in one of the most comfortable and luxurious spa hotels of the island.

A visit to this place is incomplete without paying a visit to the Night Safari. It is one of the most exciting adventures one can undertake while on holiday in Thailand. Here one can see some of the most amazing wild animals like crocodiles, hippos, rhinos, tigers, etc. It is one of the most popular Thailand attractions and attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is also one of the leading tourism business of the country.

Famous Attractions In Yasothon Thailand

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Yoga Tour

This tour offers an opportunity to feel the real essence of peace. The instructors guide you step by step to the various yoga postures. You can have a close look of the peaceful environment and surroundings. This is done in a tranquil setting with soothing music and lovely sunsets. The yoga teacher is trained to teach Thai Yoga.

Historical & Cultural Holiday

The city is a gateway to various historical destinations. You can have a glimpse of the interesting past and cultures of Bangkok. During your trip you can have an opportunity to learn more about the interesting stories of this place. Among many other attractions you will have the chance to visit some of the old temples of Bangkok. Tourists can even hold a guided shopping tour. You can enjoy a delicious traditional Thai cuisine.

Shopping Tour

Bangkok is world famous for its fabulous shopping options. There are many high end malls and shopping complexes here, which are not available anywhere else in the world. Tourists can have a gala time exploring and buying different fashionable items. Handbags, clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc are some of the popular items that are sold at these locations.


A lot of activities are organized during the nightlife of Bangkok. Tourists can enjoy various music, pubs and discotheques. Bars and nightclubs are located all over the city. Some of the popular clubs are Ariana Hotel, Asia One, Ariana Studio, etc. A lot of hotels also offer exclusive stay and food to their customers, who come from far distances.

Water Sports

With a variety of wonderful water sports available here, tourists can enjoy a great time. parasailing, water skiing, scuba diving, bungee jumping are few of the most famous water sports. Most of these activities are available almost throughout the year. Therefore, you can plan your trip keeping any weather conditions in mind.

Summing Up

Those who visit Bangkok will love to shop. It is one of the best shopping destinations in the world. There are many places to go for shopping. Some of the popular places include Sukhumvit Hotel, Siam Square and MBK. These places are great for shopping during the day as well.

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