5 Stunning Thailand Travel Vacation Destinations

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One of the gems of South-East Asia is the “Land of Smiles”. Thailand is highly established and offers all sorts of new conveniences owing to the booming tourism industry. However, it is still exciting enough to deliver an extraordinary journey and a one-off journey. Thailand isn’t going to be dissatisfying if you’re here for the top-notch beaches to the South and the mountain communities to the East. Now, let’s know about the best Thailand travel destinations.

Urban areas like Bangkok and Chiang Mai are busy hives of industry. But once you start trekking in the mountains or enjoying some views of elephants, you’ll never get tired of them. Here are the best Thailand travel vacation destinations:

Railay Beach

There are some of Thailand’s best-known beach resorts in Krabi province — and Railay is among the most spectacular. Regarded as among the most beautiful beaches of the nation by several people. Railay offers innumerable sand beaches, emerald green and blue waters, and the sensation that while your feet meet the sand and you find a glimpse of paradise.

From Krabi and Ao Nang, the island can be visited on a ferry — and the journey on a long-duty traditional ferry is as spectacular as when you approach the shore.

The Grand Palace Of Bangkok

Best Thailand Travel Destinations
Best Thailand Travel Destinations

Also if your arrangements for a Thailand travel vacation attraction that includes most of the beach watching and snacking most possibly the Massaman curry and Thai pad. The city has a lot to visit and experience, but the Grand Palace should be top of your checklist. This attraction is the capital’s top one destination, and it is all historic and built impressively.

The premises are a maze of royals, monuments, and ancient reliquaries, most notable of them having the hair or bone of the illuminated Buddha Wat Phra Kaeo.

Sunday Walking Street Of Chiang Mai

Each tourist in Thailand aims forward to affordable, tasty food. That is everything you’ll discover in the Street in Chiang Mai’s heaps. Vendors here market all varieties of goodies: samosas, delicious roti, and fresh-free fruit shake – mostly for under $2 per piece from the famous pad Thai and chicken satay.

Wild Elephants At Khao Yai National Park

Visit These Thailand Travel Destinations
Visit These Thailand Travel Destinations

Thailand respected elephants, which can be found in sculptures and artwork wherever, particularly in royal palaces and various temples. Yet for the best sight is something that offers you a possibility to witness elephants in their natural habitat. This is a must-visit place and you’ll love seeing different species of animals.

Ayutthaya’s Historical City

Ayutthaya provides a beautiful glimpse of ancient Thailand’s past, where tourists can stroll through the eerie yet elegant ruins of the old capital. Ayutthaya is just a few meters from Bangkok on a quick bus or train journey, which makes it easy if you have the opportunity to drive for a day.

If you want to enjoy a couple of days discovering the former capital and renting a push-bike to explore the ancient and modern cities, you can rent a bike. You should also have a look at the Thailand travel tips to enjoy these destinations. Therefore, these were some of the destinations that you can enjoy in Thailand.

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