A Guide to Thailands Most Popular Tourist Places

thailand tourist areas

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country with spectacular coastlines. It is recognized for luxurious tropical beaches, scenic ancient ruins, colorful opulent palaces and ornate ancient temples showing figures of Buddha. The capital city, Bangkok, is an ultramodern, vibrant cityscape right next to the iconic, lush, tropical beaches of Patong and nearby Koh Chang. Just to the south lie the luxurious Phuket Island and Krabi’s rural beauty.

There are many tourist places in Thailand that are perfect for all types of travelers. They are safe, clean and offer a wide variety of facilities. This includes diving, snorkeling, boat trips, scuba diving and fishing. Thailand offers many budget hotels and luxury resorts where tourists can enjoy a comfortable stay while exploring the many destinations in Thailand.

Best Ways To Explore The Country

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Travelers to Thailand will find that the best way to explore the country is to go by foot. Thai people are friendly and usually welcome foreign tourists. Most visitors however prefer to see the places in person by renting a touring vehicle. These tours provide excellent insights into Thailand’s culture and also show the real face of Thailand.

Some of the popular Thailand tourist places include Phuket Island, Koh Chang, Koh Tao and Krabi. One of the best ways to see the true culture of Thailand is to visit the cities of Bangkok and Koh Chang. While in Bangkok, one should not miss out on the temple of Reclining Buddha. The tourists can also visit the Samui Island and its famous beaches such as Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach.

Famous Destinations

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Koh Chang is perhaps one of the most famous destinations in Thailand with a number of tourists flocking there to get an Adrenalin rush. This island has many beautiful beaches and is often referred to as paradise on earth. One can also take a cruise along the East Sea and visit the spice plantation town of Pratchin Feng. The northern part of the island has a picturesque palm tree lined beach which boasts of being the best beach in all of Thailand.

Thailand has many natural wonder places as well. The moist mountains of the north west of Thailand can be explored via trekking and camping. Some of the popular trekking routes include the Ang Thong National Park, Ta Phrom, Khao Sok National Park and the Chiang Mai Valley. Camping is another popular option in many of these trekking routes. Those who wish to do some hiking can check out the limestone peaks of the mountainous regions of the north west of Thailand.

Krabi is another well-known tourist destination in Thailand with tourists finding it to be heaven on earth. The island of Krabi is very popular among backpackers and offers a lot of activities for them to enjoy. There are many temples and tourist places of interest that you will find in Krabi. These temples are a great attraction to spend your time at and make your trip even more exciting. Water sports and adventurous activities are common in Krabi and you will find all of this and more along the south of the island of Krabi.

Final Verdict

Those who are looking for more tropical adventures can check out the islands of Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao. These islands are off the main coastal road of Ko Pha Ngan and offer a great view over the water. You will find white sandy beaches as well as clear blue water that make for some wonderful swimming experiences. Nature lovers will be fascinated by the lush green trees and flowers that abound in these two areas of Ko Pha Ngan.

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