An Introduction To The Many Thailand Attractions And Activities

thailand attractions and activities

Thailand Attractions and Activities are many and varied. Thailand is located on the Gulf of Thailand in the South-east Pacific. It is one of the most popular places in the world with tourists from all over the globe. It is famous for its tropical weather, sandy beaches, colourful ancient ruins, scenic lush forests and exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries.

Tourist Attractions And Activities

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In Bangkok, Thailand, an ultra-modern city with a laid back ambience, the capital features an array of tourist attractions and activities that are not to be missed. In Bangkok, visitors can take in the beauty of the city with the help of various sightseeing tours that range from the city attractions and sightseeing tours such as the Grand Palace, The National Museum, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Tuk-Tuk Mountain & Spa Resort, Thailand Food Tours, to cultural day trips like Thai Yoga, Thai Folk Art and Thai Folk Festival. At the same time, the city offers much more than these sightseeing activities to the visitors. A trip to Pattaya will also offer the tourist a glimpse of the nightlife, shopping and eating options at some of the best bargains in town.


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Pattaya is a tourist hot spot in Thailand with its numerous sightseeing spots and exciting offerings. In addition to its beach front and along the Riverside, Pattaya province boasts of some other interesting sightseeing places such as the Chaweng Beach, Silver Pagoda, Bophut Phanom, Ang Thong Waterfall, Jomtien Beach, Wat Khanon, Wat Laeng and other enchanting day trips. In Pattaya, the weekend is always full of fun with various fun activities offered to all visitors. Amongst the most preferred sightseeing places in Pattaya are the Chaweng Beach, Silver Pagoda, Bophut Phanom, Ang Thong Waterfall, Jomtien Beach, Wat Khanon, Wat Laeng and many others. Some of the attractions in Pattaya which are very popular among the tourists are the Chaweng Beach, Silver Pagoda, Bophut Phanom, Ang Thong Waterfall, Jomtien Beach, Wat Khanon, Wat Laeng and others.

Another of the fascinating and delightful attractions in Pattaya is the renowned national park, Ko Lanta. It is the largest national park in all of Thailand. It also happens to be the largest animal reserve in Southeast Asia as well as the third largest in the entire world. Its exotic wildlife of the jungle and grassland animals is the main draw to go for the trip to Ko Lanta. Other attractions that are also worth seeing while in Ko Lanta are the Lantan Sea Bazaar, Marine National Park, Wat Arun (Shangri-La), Ang Thong Waterfall and others.

Enjoy Rafting

One of the most exciting and fun activities that any tourist in any part of the world can enjoy in any part of the world is rafting. Many travelers who come to Pattaya look for a series of rafting trips to experience the city. When in Pattaya, there are many available options to enjoy the river cruising and other fun activities in addition to enjoying the river rafting trips in Thailand, namely:

Racha Kaeo is another of the must-see trips in Thailand that will captivate your eyes and mind. The trip starts from the banks of the River Kwai and makes its way through the breathtaking landscape of nature and culture. On your way to the rafting site, you will have the option to enjoy several sports such as fly-fishing, kayaking, sun bathing, picnic and others. There are even Thai boxing matches held at the sites of the rafting sites to entertain the tourists on your trip to Bangkok


No matter which of the Thailand attractions you choose to explore, you will definitely be able to find something incredible to do and see while you’re in Thailand. The key to having an unforgettable vacation is to make sure that you plan your Thailand tour well and know what you are getting into. A good Thailand travel guide can help you plan your trip and let you know what Thailand has to offer you so you will not have to leave the house when you come back home.

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