Awesome Places To Visit In Thailand With Friends

Visit thailand with friends

Places to Visit in Thailand with Friends. Thailand is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. For all those who have visited it, you must know that Thailand offers unmatchable beauty and attractions. In Thailand, you will find many captivating islands, hill stations, beaches, sandy beaches, mountain channels, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. Each and every destination has something unique to offer that makes the trip more exciting.

Amazing Blend

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You will get an amazing blend of sandy beaches, rice fields, mountains, green tropical forests, caves, waterfalls, tropical gardens, coral reefs, bird watching, etc. There are so many fascinating places to see and experience. So, whenever you plan for a trip to this part of the world, you need to know some good places to visit in Thailand with friends. You will find some best holiday resorts here. Some are very expensive, but you can enjoy the most beautiful holiday vacation ever.


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Pattaya is very popular among the people. They like to spend their weekend relaxing in the tropical sun. It is also a very attractive and lovely place for newly wedded couples. You will find various clubs, bars, spas, restaurants and so on. People love to spend their time with nature and Pattaya is the ideal spot. There are many people who spend their entire weekend enjoying and staying at beach resorts in Pattaya.

Patong Beach

The whole city is buzzing with people. If you want to spend your weekend relaxing and sunbathing at the beach, then you should go to Patong beach. Other beach resorts are also very attractive and beautiful and they provide some really wonderful beach and water sports.


Krabi is another very famous destination. It is famous all over the world and people go there from all over the world to spend their weekend. There are many tourists who come to Krabi just for swimming. Some of the stunning spots of Krabi are the Soi Surabaya, Soi Bangla, and Soi Nuwara. The natural beauty of the place is really amazing and it attracts all sorts of tourists.


If you are looking for some really exotic holiday spots then you should go to Phuket. It is known for its natural beauty and there are many people who spend their weekend here. One can go to the limestone peaks of Phuket and stay at the many fantastic hotels. There are many beaches in Phuket and the whole place is buzzing with tourist activity. There are many water parks and other tourist attractions in Phuket. It is a great holidaying spot.

Beach Capital of Thailand

Krabi is known as the beach capital of Thailand. Many people from all over the world come here to relax, sunbathe and enjoy themselves. There are some really exotic beaches here and they attract tourists from all over the world. There are some really wonderful resorts here where you can relax and where you can spend some quality time with your friends.


If you love wildlife then you should try out Ayutthaya. This is also known as Elephant City and it is famous for its natural parks and sanctuaries. You can spend some days in these parks and enjoy yourself. There are also many bird sanctuaries and wildlife sanctuaries here where you can spend a few days. People come to Thailand for various reasons and they like to explore different places. So when you plan your trip you can see the various destinations and enjoy yourself.

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