Best Thailand Places To Eat When You Are On A Trip

Thailand Places to Eat

If you are going on a vacation to Thailand, your priority might be exploring the sandy beaches and enjoying the water activities. Not many people visit this place for its delicious cuisine. However, you need to know that the place has some of the best dishes that are worth tasting. Below discussed are the best Thailand places to eat

Bangkok’s Delicious Street Food

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One of the best

Yaowarat Street(Chinatown) – Thailand Places to Eat

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Bangkok’s Chinatown is one of the best

Boonsap Thai Dessert

After eating many delicious foods at Prachak, you must visit Boonsap Thai Desserts for mouth-watering Mango sticky rice dessert. You have both options, you can either sit here to eat or order them to take away. You can also eat some other delicacies like Thai sweets, cookies, and desserts. You can find Bangkok’s street food everywhere.

Pachak Pet Jang –

There are many delicious food corners along the road but if you want to taste roasted duck with a spice sauce and rice, you must visit Prachak Pet Jang. They serve roasted duck in the Chinese-style. That is why they are the most famous. The duck meat is very juicy and the skin is super crispy. They prepare the rice perfectly and also the Chinese sausage is slightly sweet.

Thip Samai offers authentic and delicious Thai dishes to its customers. Pad Thai is the most famous dish in this restaurant. They sell a large amount of Pad Thai in the whole city. This is the best to eat in Bangkok all year. They serve Pad Thai with prawns that are wrapped with a sufficient amount of egg. The other dish is served with sliced squid, fresh deep-sea prawns, and mangoes. They also offer amazing tasty orange juice which is full of flavor and fresh to drink. They can fulfill the requirement of vitamin C. If you come here, must drink this orange juice.


If you are a food lover, must come to Thailand. There are plenty of food corners at this place that serves many tasty, delicious, spicy foods at a cheap price. Once start visiting food corners, you can’t visit all the food corners in one trip.

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