Camp In Thailand: Great Places To Visit

Camp In Thailand - Great Places To Visit

When you look for sites in Thailand, the most important thing to consider is whether the campground is large enough to accommodate the number of people that you expect to visit there. The good news is that there are a lot of places to choose from. They have to fit into a particular area. That way, you don’t get ripped off and have the best sites in Thailand (or any other country), but also, you don’t get squeezed into a tiny space that does not allow you to enjoy the country fully. Some of the places that I suggest you check out when it comes to finding the best camp in Thailand are:

Jomtien: Camp In Thailand

Jomtien is one of the places that I would suggest when you are looking for a camping site in Thailand. It is located in the island province of Phang Nga, and it is about an hour’s drive away from the capital of Bangkok. Jomtien is on the southern coast, and it has about one hundred and forty available sites.

Camp In Thailand - Great Places To Visit
Camp In Thailand: Great Places To Visit

Hamlet: Camp In Thailand

Hamlet only has available twenty-five sites, however, it has a great combination of open space and forests. It also has some different hiking trails so that you can also take a break while you are exploring the woods. It is located just around the northern end of Phang Nga Island. Moreover, it is a popular destination for backpackers and a lake with a small beach near it.

Sossusvlei: Camp In Thailand

Another campground that I would recommend while you are looking for sites in Jomtien is Sossusvlei. It is right next to Sossusvlei Lake, which is a four-kilometer long lake that has thirty-three islands. This place has good accommodation options that you can use on your stay at Sossusvlei.

Camp In Thailand - Great Places To Visit
Camp In Thailand – Great Places To Visit

Kakha Khon

Hakha Khon is another very popular campground. It is situated in the northeast part of Phang Nga. It is also one of the better places that you can find in Phang Nga because there are a lot of choices.

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe is one of the best sites in Phang Nga that you will find. It is in the tropical lowlands, it has fifty acres of grassland, and it is surrounded by deep forest. It has good sightseeing opportunities in its vicinity.

Trang Talai

Trang Talai is another place that I would recommend you to visit. It is located just on the northern side of the border with Laos. It is a quiet place, and it has a beautiful view of the water.

Trang Trongla

Trang Trongla is a popular place where backpackers from all over the world visit. It is in Phang Nga province, and it is one of the locations that I would suggest you visit. It is known for being a peaceful place, and it is just on the outskirts of the busy center of town.


Then there is the lodge called Trekitap. This place is known for being one of the best places for bird watching in Thailand. This is the main reason why it has earned the name “Birds Nest.” It is located on the northern tip of Phang Nga province, and it has about fifty available sites.

Kaeng Krachan

In Phitsanulok, another site that I would recommend, there is a campground called Kaeng Krachan. It is a peaceful place where you can rest and relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. It is located on the west bank of Khao Phra Nakhon Island. Also. it has a pond that is an excellent spot for people who like to fish.

Final Words

That is why I suggest that you look at the locations mentioned above when you are looking for the best camping sites in Thailand. You will soon realize that they are very popular and that there are many of them available in this place.

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