Central Thailand Places For Vacation

central thailand places

Central Thailand is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations. It is home to many Buddhist monasteries and temples, both sacred and secular. While in Central Thailand there is no shortage of places of interest, some of the most popular attractions are.

Ko Pha Ngan

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Known as the Pearl City of Asia, this island is a prominent tourist destination. A beautiful beach in Ko Pha Ngan, this beach has white sand and is lined with villas. One of the great things about this beach is that it is very accessible from cities such as Chiang Mai and Patong. There is a small airport here, which offers regular flights from Bangkok. If you are travelling from any parts of the country, make sure you take a direct flight to Ko Pha Ngan.

The Golden Throne Hall

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Located in central Thailand, the Golden Throne Hall is a stunning structure that is worth visiting. The main temple inside is constructed from the memory of the revered Buddha, and visitors are greeted by a statue of the Buddha. This is one of the more important temples in the area, and it was previously used as the seat of the Royal Throne.

The Phuket Kata Bay

This area is known for its pristine beaches, and Phuket Kata Bay is one of the most popular tourists’ spots. It is also one of Thailand’s most popular beaches, where the perfect sunny weather makes for long walks along the beach. There are many resorts and hotels here, and they cater to all budgets and tastes. Some of the most popular beaches in Phuket are Jomtien Beach, which have white sand, and the nearby Choeng Mon beach.

Ang Thong National Marine Park

This park is perfect for marine research and underwater exploration. The area is home to over 2.5 million colourful tropical fishes, as well as countless other marine animals. The park includes two villages, the Wat Khanoy coral site and the Hin Lat school. A boat ride to the whales and dolphins is one way to experience this park. This park is very educational, and is a great place for children to learn about the marine world.

Krabi Chiang Mai

Krabi Chiang Mai is another family-friendly tourist spot, and many families go here on vacation. There are lots of attractions here, including the Krabi Village, which is a location for traditional Buddhist rituals performed by the monks. There are many tourist attractions, such as the Buddhist Temple Complex, Wat Khanoy, and the Ang Thong National Marine Park. You can also visit the Khmer ruins at Trat’s Hill or explore the remains of former capitals, such as Phnom Phen town. This is another good tourist destination for those interested in history, as there is a museum here that allows you to see some of the classic Khmer architecture. You will find the Phnom Phen opera house here as well.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is another popular area, and it is a great city for travelers who want to spend some time shopping around. There are lots of places to eat here, such as the famous Chiang Mai night markets. The Nang Yuan River is one of the most popular things to do here, and you can also sample some of the local delicacies. The city is quite exciting, and the airport is just a few kilometers away from the main attraction.


Chiang Rai is a beautiful place and is popular for its natural beauty and the mountains surrounding it. The main attractions here are the Wat Arun (The Mountain Cathedral), and the Karen Ayu Memorial (The National Museum). You can relax by the river, or try one of the numerous water sports available. This is another relaxing and rejuvenating place, where you can enjoy all your senses.

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