Documents You Need To Apply For Thailand And Thailand Tourist Visa Cost

thailand tourist visa cost

Thailand is the world’s most famous attraction that has been documented on television. Everyone once in their life wished to go to Thailand and enjoy the beauty of the country. Thailand tourist visa costs are very nominal, which makes it an affordable country to visit for everyone. 

If you are one of those, who wished to witness the beauty of the Grand Palace of Thailand, know a person. You should apply with documentation to know about Thailand tourist visa costs and start saving up. There is endless beauty like Railay Beach sunset, Phi Phi Don, and amazing restaurants that serve the best food of the country for you to explore. 

Know About The Options To Get Thailand Tourist Visa Cost

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Visiting a Thai diplomatic mission is one of the first options that you have to know the actual Thailand tourist visa cost. Here you have to remember that the embassy works during business hours, so you have to take a day off if you are working. 

The second option and best for you in all situations is to apply online if you are eligible to do so. At the present moment, only 21 nationalities are eligible for a Thailand visa on arrival. Applying online will also give you brief information about the Thailand tourist visa cost. 

Thailand Tourist Visa Cost As Per Different Options

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The best and amazing option to enter Thailand legally is to get a visa on arrival that you can get at the airport. But it could be difficult to do it on your own, and that’s why there are three options given to you. 

Remember that to get a visa on arrival; you have to make an online request that depends on which processing time you choose. 

  • Standard: It is the most common option to get through the Thailand tourist visa cost. It is the cheapest among the three options. It costs you around $45, and your application for the Thailand tourist visa will be processed within six days. 
  • Rush: If you are in a hurry and you can’t wait till six days, the second option to getting through the Thailand tourist visa cost is to go for Rush mode. Here you will get your Thailand tourist visa cost within four days, and you will be charged extra. The total amount you have to pay for this option is $ 60.
  • Super Rush: If you are super rush this option is fantastic for you to get through the process of Thailand tourist visa cost. It takes only two days with this method to get your Thailand tourist visa cost on arrival. But you will be charged extra for this; the total cost of this option for a Thailand tourist visa cost $80.


Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to know about Thailand tourist visa costs. Enjoy your trip to Thailand, and if you don’t want to deal with Thailand tourist visa costs and stuff like that. I suggest you hire an agent from a reputable company to do things for you. 

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