Fall In Love With Thailand Costumes


When it comes to Thailand Costumes, there are many styles and types of costumes you can select from. The Thai culture and heritage have brought about a rich history of clothing. From the ancient Thai culture, this country has produced a great amount of clothing. It has even influenced the designs of western cultures such as Western Costume.

From the Thai culture, one can find a wide variety of Thai costumes for weddings, formal or informal occasions. For the formal events, the traditional dress and Thai gown are the best to be worn. This includes all the different types of formal outfits such as the long flowing gowns or the more modest kimono style kimonos and so on. The longer gowns can be the perfect choice for formal events.

Thailand Costumes Are Fun

When you go for an evening party in western style, you can wear the traditional or the modern dresses. But when it comes to the more casual wear, the western style is a great choice. But, you need not limit yourself to wearing western dress only, as there are still many styles that you can choose from. You can try the Thai lehenga, which is also known as a burning.

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The Burmese dress is another style that you can choose from when it comes to the Thai Costumes. It is actually a long flowing gown, which has a lot of embroidery patterns. It is usually the preferred outfit of the Burmese royalty.

The Samui Thai dress can be an excellent choice for the Thai costume. This is a short gown that usually goes well with the low cut skirts worn by Westerners. These dresses have wide necklines with a sash around it is often embellished with the Thai crown. There is also a very simple type of this dress, which is quite conservative and elegant. This dress can be a perfect choice for some simple parties.

The Thai wedding outfits also come in the range of Thai Costumes. You can go for a long flowing kimono style wedding gown or a more traditional gown for the wedding ceremony. A lot of Westerners opt for the white dress for a wedding. If you want to give a nice touch of your Thai heritage to the wedding ceremony, you should go for a white and yellow silk blouse with the traditional Thai flowery pattern.

Thailand Costumes Are Easy To Wear

Another popular type of costume is the traditional Thai pants. You can either go for the leggings or the trousers. The leggings are usually knee length and usually with a wide belt, while the trousers are long and loose. You can also get these pants in a few different colors to suit your personality.

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Another important characteristic of the Thai dress is the head covering which you should always choose carefully. The head coverings can be made of silk or in the case of the men, you can also get a mask for your head. However, the most common materials used for the head covering are satin or cotton.

The traditional Thai costumes also include the headband, which is usually made of silk. In addition to that, the headbands are often embellished with the crown, which is also used for the Thai Crown Hat. Apart from that, the ear rings, the nose rings and the eye pins are also available.

When it comes to the accessories of the Thailand costumes, you can also find them in the market in the form of pouches, brooches, jewelries and other small accessories. These items add to the beauty of the dress.

There are many stores in the market that sell these types of clothes in Thailand such as sarongs, Chanel, krung soi, sarongs and chung tus, thongs etc. However, if you want to get a real authentic piece of this clothing, then you should buy them from reputed stores.


If you have been planning to buy the Thai costumes for the upcoming occasion then you can go for the websites of these stores online. You will be able to find many good quality costumes for women and men that have their authentic designs and can match the theme of the wedding.

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