Fang Thailand Attractions You Should Visit During Your Next Trip

Fang Thailand Attractions

Many people visit Thailand because of the sheer diversity of the country. There are Fang Thailand attractions that you might want to know. Fang is known to be a town that is pretty laid back. So if you are looking for a serene environment to calm yourself down, the fang Thailand attractions are a perfect escape. The town is quite small but is situated in the Chiang Mai Province, making it have some pretty decent Fang Thailand attractions for you to look at and enjoy.

Fang Thailand Attractions – Fang Hot Spring

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This is one of the major Fang Thailand attractions in the town. The fang hot spring is located in the Doi Pha Hom Pok national park. The national park is known for its numerous hot springs and has about 50 hot springs in there. As far as the temperature is concerned, it may rise to 90 degrees. The place is calm and quiet, and you can take a stroll in the park around in the evening while enjoying the hot spring. There are also certain bathing arrangements in little huts along the way for the tourists. You can rent these huts and enjoy the mineral bath that they offer, apart from the huts. There are bungalows that you rent out overnight. So summer is the most appropriate month for you to go to so that you can enjoy the spa bath session.

Wat Chedi Ngam Temple

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Another spot that is on the list of popular Fang Thailand attractions is Wat Chedi Ngam Temple. This temple is situated in the western part of the city and is located on a small hill. The temple is known to be the most recommended spot in the town. It is beautiful with a unique craving and designs that give an account of its rich history. Also, you can walk up to the temple if you have reached the fang bus station. Though the temple is small and parts of it have been in ruins today, the stupa still stands tall and is quite well preserved. There is no entry fee as such, so you can go there for free.

Fang Thailand Attractions – Thanatorn Orange Farm

Other popular Fang Thailand attractions consist of the beautiful Thanatorn orange farm. Though it is famous for growing small oranges, the farm has several other fruits like jackfruit, dragon fruit, and other variety. It is said that they have the best oranges in the country so if you can taste some fresh orange juice when you are visiting the farm. If you go there, you need to pay a small amount, and the people on the farm will provide you with a car to explore and tour around the area. Also, there are flowers and a garden behind the farm, which give it an exquisite look.


Fang is a small town, and so you can go around and explore it within a day. But it has some nice tourist attractions so you must visit here when you visit the country.

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