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gay thailand travel

However, this is not true. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of gay friendly countries in the world that also have laws that protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (gay) people. In addition, these governments provide equal rights and opportunities for their gay citizens.

Bars And Clubs In Bangkok

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Although there are bars and clubs in Bangkok that are gay friendly, most visitors to Bangkok will want to head out to Phuket or Krabi. Phuket, however, is a more relaxed environment than the seedy, rowdy atmosphere that is prevalent in Bangkok. There is less danger of being beaten or molested if you are a gay traveler in Phuket. Gay life in Phuket is much more open than in Bangkok, and the nightlife is much more fun. You will find that there are a number of gay friendly restaurants in Phuket that serve some of the best Thai food around.

If you are planning a gay Thailand travel adventure, then you may want to consider spending some time on Koh Samet Beach. Koh Samet Beach is famous among male tourists who like to indulge in gay sex. The beaches at Haad and Maenam are also popular with gay travelers. Haad is a little less populated than Maenam but still offers wonderful beach access.

Wild And Wooly Sex Markets

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If you really want to have an adventure on your gay Thailand trip, you may wish to try your hand at some of the wild and wooly sex markets that can be found in Phuket. These markets often feature men and women selling sex and other goods in the open air. This can be a very sensual experience, and many visitors to Phuket and Bangkok have become regular customers of the sex markets. It’s not uncommon to hear rumblings from the markets saying that couples are getting serious with one another while shopping.

If you are planning a relaxing trip to Phuket, it’s definitely worth visiting the full moon parties that are often held at the islands’ most popular hotels. Full moon parties are held for two and a half hours at a time and are attended by the locals as well as foreigners. The price for admission into the full moon party is usually a bit steep, but it is well worth the price. At most full moon parties, drinks are served, food is prepared, dancing is carried out, and music is played. There is a lot of drinking and dancing, which can be very enjoyable during a thai or karaoke party.

Gay-friendly Spas

In Phuket or Bangkok, no trip is complete without taking in a show at one of the numerous gay-friendly (and sometimes straight-friendly) spas. There are many spas in Phuket and Bangkok that offer full service pampering treatments from simple body scrubs to exotic massages and more. Many spas will even offer full moon party packages that include meals, drinks, dancing, and other fun activities. If you want something different than the typical Thai massage or Thai kickboxing class, check out a gay-friendly spa for an experience you won’t soon forget. The same goes for hiring a masseuse, which is another good reason to stick to the sex-seeker resorts in Phuket or Bangkok.


Northern Thailand is a great place to go gay Thailand travel, especially if you enjoy exploring old cultures and stopping off at soi (small roadside eateries). These soi are often cheap and open all night, especially near larger cities, so you can enjoy a quiet, intimate dinner and watch locals go by as you enjoy your meal. When it comes to eating, you’ll likely want to stop at one of the larger sois on the way to your next soi, since you probably wouldn’t want to waste food money on mediocre food. As a result, Northern Thailand is often considered one of the best places in all of Thailand to eat, though the best place to eat in northern Thailand is of course in Bangkok.

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