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If you are a fan of Thai cinema, you must have heard of the magic of Bangkok flights. The capital city of Thailand has been the leading tourist destination in Southeast Asia for decades now. Its popularity is due to many reasons and flights to Bangkok are top on the list. It offers everything from great food to fantastic sights to wonderful beaches and the iconic Grand Palace is worth a visit if only to watch some of the country’s most famous movie scenes.

How To Get To Bangkok

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You might be wondering how to get to Bangkok – or better yet, how to reach Bangkok! The best time to visit the country is between December and March. This is the rainy season and temperatures soar during this time. It will also be a hot season with daytime temperatures at the lower end of the scale. There will be plenty of snow if you fly in the winter and the best time for a vacation in Bangkok is preferably spring or summer, when the tropical climate has fully come into being.

Getting there is not much different than taking a domestic flight. The first thing you should do is book your flight online. Direct flights to Bangkok usually cost quite a bit more than other flights, especially if you book directly with Thai airlines. The low-cost flights to Bangkok can still be found, though, and the major airlines are now facing stiff competition from Asian low-cost airlines that offer flights to Bangkok at really competitive prices. This has led to much better deals being offered to tourists. Remember that you can check online to compare prices of different airlines.

Check In Advance

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If you are taking domestic flights to Bangkok, it is important that you check in advance to avoid getting caught up in any last minute rush. The capital city’s international airport is easily accessible from most of Thailand’s major cities. Some of the largest cities of Thailand also have access to the Bangkok International Airport. You can also check online for information on the best times and days to fly to Bangkok for the cheapest flights to Bangkok.

More Cheap

You might also find that flying onto a direct Bangkok international airport is cheaper than flying into the city via another means. There is actually no airport in the city, just a old and run down facility that connects the two main areas. No airport service is provided by either Bangkok’s Songkran International Airport or by Phuket’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Neither is there an airline that operates between the two. If you are traveling via charter aircraft, you may be able to get a deal from a small Thai owned company that is flying to Bangkok on charter flights. These companies specialize in buying large passenger planes and selling them to those who need air travel to and from Bangkok.

Summing Up

If you prefer to book your flights to Bangkok during the peak season, you will find that the airfares are considerably higher than in the off season. The reason for this is that during the peak season, flights to Bangkok are full and many airlines have to fill up their seats. There are two main airports in Bangkok, both of which offer good deals to visitors who wish to fly to Bangkok. They are located within a short distance from the city centre and both are easily accessible by road, so travellers do not need to worry about finding an alternative route when booking their flights to Bangkok.

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