Great Attractions in Thailand

attractions in thailand

The wonders of Thailand are seen in the natural attractions around the island. The beaches, which receive thousands of tourists each year, are among the best in the world. Thailand is also known for its beautiful sandy beaches, lush tropical gardens, historic temples and ornate, colorful ancient monuments. In Bangkok, the hub of tourist activity, an ultra modern cityscape rises beside quiet, open canals and lush tropical gardens.

Thailand’s Most Visited National Park

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Also present in Thailand is Thailand’s most visited national park, Ko Pha Ngan. Situated in the heart of the nation on the Gulf of Thailand, Ko Pha Ngan is one of the most visited national parks in all of Southeast Asia. It houses some of the most diverse wildlife in the region with a large variety of animals including tigers, monkeys, deer, peacocks, elephants, and even birds and fish. The park also has one of the largest concentrations of tropical forests anywhere in the world. A visit to Ko Pha Ngan on a day trip around Thailand is an excellent way to explore the wonders of this national park.

Ao Nang University

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Another incredible attraction in Thailand is the renowned Ao Nang University. The history of the university dates back to the nineteenth century, when it was founded by a former student and professor of languages. The history of Ao Nang University is steeped in the influence of American education, as well as that of the Thai military junta. A short day trip to the national park from Ao Nang University is an excellent way to learn more about the history of the university and its influence on Thai language and culture.

Phanom Rung Phanom, A World Heritage Site

Phuket’s biggest national park is Phanom Rung Phanom, a World Heritage site. The Phanom Rung Phanom National Park is home to a large number of exotic species including the world’s third-most endangered giant squirrel. A two and a half day trip to the park provides a great chance to see the park’s most photographed creatures and to learn more about the culture of Thailand and its relationships with foreign countries. The day trip is also a great way to enjoy the beaches surrounding Phanom Rung Phanom National Park, which is some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Thailand.

The floating markets of Mae Hong Son are perhaps the most famous tourist attractions in all of Thailand. They stretch along the bay of Phuket and offer a wide array of products from local artisans to fresh seafood. The floating market is the ideal place for shopping, because not only are there a wide variety of goods to purchase, but the water itself is so inviting and so beautiful. During the day, you can take part in the market’s activities or at night you can simply relax by the water and watch the people go by.

Bottom Lines

No trip to Thailand would be complete without at least one trip to Phuket, Thailand’s biggest island. Known for it’s sparkling beaches and amazing tropical weather, Phuket attracts thousands of travelers every year to its vast beachfront area. There are a number of attractions in Phuket that you cannot miss, including the Sea World, Khao Suk, Thailand National Museum, or the nearby Patong Beach. No trip to Thailand would be complete without at least one trip to Phuket, and you will never forget how incredible it is to see this island and the beautiful people who call it home.

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