How To Get Thailand Travel Sim Card?


Like the rest of South East Asia, you can get a lot of offers in Thailand. Thailand is an incredible country, and it is not only known for its picturesque beauty. The affordability of this number is something to look forward to, and millions of Travellers go there every year. If you want to remain connected to your friends and family back in your country, you would like to buy a SIM card in Thailand. Getting a SIM card in Thailand is not a hassle- some process, and you only need to know about the procedure. Today we will talk about all you need to know regarding getting a SIM card in Thailand. 

How To Get Thailand Travel Sim Card?
How To Get Thailand Travel Sim Card?

Sim Card Companies- Thailand Travel Sim Card

AIS is one of the best companies, and experts recommend it for travelers. There are three top-rated phone networks operated in Thailand. They are, namely dtac, AIS, and TrueMove. You will also be able to buy SIM cards from the resellers, but there is a minimal point in doing that. If you are a short term visitor, you should not buy a SIM card from any reseller. Instead, look out for AIS as it gives the most fantastic coverage in the market. AIS is a far-reaching network, and you will be able to get the system even when you are on the outskirts. 

How Can You Get A SIM Card?

Similar to many other things in Thailand, getting a SIM card is very easy. If you are flying to any other Bangkok airport, you will get the booth of all the three mobile networks. All the three booths are extremely busy, and you will have to stand in the long queue. But the best thing is that all the staff are efficient and the line moves quickly. But it will not be an enjoyable experience if you are tired after the journey. 

How To Get Thailand Travel Sim Card?
How To Get Thailand Travel Sim Card?

Dtac is better when it comes to customer orientation because of its self-service machine. It has some of the booths in the popular arrival points, and here you can get a SIM card under a minute. If you are spending a week in the country a little more, you will be able to get a SIM card from the tour packages only. Moreover, you can also grab a SIM card in the convenience stores as well as retail shops. 

Cost Of Getting A Thailand Travel SIM Card

The best part about getting tourist SIM cards at the airport is that it comprises of unlimited data packages. The data speed is indeed confined, and you can use a certain amount of data. But in some cases, call credit is inclusive. The kits comprise of 7-day usage for 219 baht, and you can get unlimited 1 MBPS data. If you want to have a 30-day using package, it will cost you 799 baht. 

Note that you should always check the market price of the SIM card instead of buying directly so that no reseller can deceive you. Now you can get your sim card quickly right after checking into Thailand. 

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