Must Visit Bangkok Thailand Attractions

bangkok thailand attractions

We always try to explore the world by visiting different places across the world. We have so many countries and places we would like to visit, but Bangkok is always there on everyone’s list. Bangkok has always been famous for its beaches, temples, cultural landmarks, and places like Buddhist temples; the Grand Palace has always been one of the Bangkok Thailand attractions. It can be your honeymoon trip, a trip with family or friends; it can always be an unforgettable and fun trip. You can explore the nightlife of Thailand and the delicious Thai cuisines. Let’s go through some of the must-visit places in Bangkok.

Six Places To Visit In Bangkok Thailand Attractions

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1. The Grand Palace:

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One of the most famous attractions to visit in Thailand is the grand Palace. This Palace locates in the center or the heart of the city. Here you can know the culture of the royal family and the beautiful Palace. This Place is one of the must-watch attractions. You can also visit a few of the temples near this Palace and capture some beautiful scenes.

2. Wat Pho:

This is one of the famous temples where you can find the reclining Buddha statue, which is almost 46 meters long and all covered with Gold. This Place locate very near to the Grand Palace with just a 10 minutes walk. This Place has its own ambiance and will relax you while exploring those beautiful places.

3. Floating Market:

The floating market, which is also known as the damnoen saduak, is one of the must watch Place in Bangkok Thailand attractions. Here you can find various foods; you can go through the actual lifestyle of Bangkok. Here you can find the longboats floating on the river, and you can purchase things while being on those boats.

4. Khao San Road:

This Place is famous for the night culture of Bangkok. Here you can find various bars, restaurants, street foods, and some of the cheapest hotels. This Place is best for the backpackers where you can find happy hours in the bar and party hard all night long.

5. Chatuchak Market:

This is the weekend market of Bangkok, and you can get almost everything here. This Place is the best to shop, and this Place is considered as one of the biggest flea markets. You can find various handcrafted items, kitchenware, and many more. This Place is usually full of people or crowded so you have to choose the best time when you can roam around this market’s aisles.

6. Museums:

You can take your time to visit the various museums in Bangkok like the Vimanmek museum, Bangkok national museum, erawan museum, and many more where you witness the past and the cultural living of Thailand. These museums are one of the important Bangkok Thailand attractions.


Bangkok is one of the most exciting places to visit, and here you can find all types of aura, starting from relaxing your mind to having a rock band party overnight. You have well planned yourself because you can need a week or so to enjoy all the Bangkok Thailand attractions completely.

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