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places to stay in phuket thailand

Whether you want a laid back, tropical beach paradise or a modern-day resort, there is a hotel in Phuket that will suit your taste. In this article we will review some of the most popular hotels in Phuket, Thailand. Most of the hotels can be found along the Patong Beach area.

Mai Khao And The Bungalows Around Patong Bay

The first two most popular locations to stay in Phuket are the town area of Mai Khao and the bungalows around Patong Bay. Mai Khao is considering the cultural heart of Phuket, being the oldest part of the island and has the most expensive hotels in the area. This area is dominated by tourists and it is easy to see why. The area is full of shopping arcades, street food and nightlife. While Patong is Phuket’s party capital, Mai Khao offers a quieter, calmer atmosphere and many of the hotels here are within walking distance to the beach.

Patong itself has many great places to eat. There are many small restaurants with sidewalk cafes and many street vendors offering a variety of meals and snacks. One of the best places to eat is at the Soi Bangla, which serves up some of the best coconut rice around. It is located just outside of the busy beach area. One of the more quiet areas in Phuket, the Soi Nang Yuan is also worth a visit. Here one can find some interesting and affordable handicrafts made in the region.

Many Beach Resorts

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Many of the bungalows in Phuket are located along the coast. Phuket has many beach resorts, but many of the bungalows are located inland. These offer a more authentic, home-like experience. Some of the hotels here are two-star and you will still be able to find excellent accommodation at very reasonable prices. Some of the more luxurious hotels in Phuket are located inland, so you may have to travel a little further to get to them.

Phuket has its share of good value hotels, which tend to be on the outskirts of town. These are usually not very expensive, but they do provide good value for money. They often provide air conditioning and other facilities, although if you are expecting to spend a lot of time in the hotel, it may be worthwhile considering paying for a higher class accommodation. The majority of hotels in Phuket are reasonably priced, and most have reasonable amenities.

Phuket’s Northeast Corner 

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For those looking for a slightly more boutique hotel, then there are many options available. The Ramada Resort is located in Phuket’s northeast corner and provides visitors with a more traditional, elegant setting. It is also one of Phuket’s most popular hotels, and the Ramada is known for providing excellent service. There are many different guestrooms, and most offer fantastic views of the beach.

If you are on a tight budget, then you will be pleased to learn that many Phuket hotels are serviced by the local Thai taxi drivers. A lot of tourists often find this aspect of their trip to be a little bit boring. Fortunately, many of these taxis are well equipped with modern cars and have chauffeurs who are happy to make your guest feel welcome. 


Taxis in Phuket are widely available throughout the day, and there are also some very cheap hotels around the area that provide services from the taxi driver to the guest. Many of these hotels have a swimming pool, which can be a big plus for families or groups planning to stay for a few days. There are a great deal of good places to stay in Phuket, but if you are looking for a more traditional hotel, then you will probably want to head out to Patong. This is a popular nightlife area, and many of the guestrooms in Phuket are directly next to some of the best bars in town. With a variety of international cuisine to choose from, as well as some of the best music on the island, you should be able to relax and have a good time in Phuket.

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