Reasons Why Bangkok Is Known As The Best Tourist City In Thailand

best tourist city in thailand

Traveling to Thailand can be an unforgettable experience with its unique blend of culture and tradition. A visit to this country is the perfect way to spend a relaxing holiday and get recharged. Thailand is also known as The Land of smiles. People here are famous for their good nature and smiling faces. If you are planning a vacation to any part of Thailand, then it is a must that you plan and book your tour packages well in advance as these advance booking enables you to get good discounts on hotels, car rentals and sightseeing tours.

Ayutthaya –

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Thailand is located in Southeast Asia. It is popular for its scenic sandy beaches, magnificent natural sites, pristine tropical forests, rich flora and fauna, exotic cuisine, unique culture and traditional villages. In Bangkok, the metropolitan capital, a fast-paced cityscape rises above the quiet canalside communities to the spectacular temple monuments of Wat Arun, Wat Pho, and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Phra Bang). Just nearby are the vibrant and happening nightlife district of Siam Square where you will find world-class casinos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, bars and more. Tourists coming to Bangkok are enchanted by the sights and sounds and appreciate Thai hospitality and the good time they have.

Ayutthaya is another popular tourist destination in Thailand. It is located in the south-west corner of Thailand and is one of Thailand’s largest cities. There are many fascinating landmarks and numerous tourist attractions here. Ayutthaya is renowned for its beaches and it offers the best tropical getaway in all over the world. It has a great selection of hotels and resorts.

The capital city of Thailand is also known as Bangkok. Known as the “City of Angels” because of its countless flights, ships, and boats that crisscross the Chao Phraya River daily, Bangkok is a vibrant city that never sleeps. Bangkok is also one of the best tourist destinations in Thailand with various sightseeing destinations and delicious breakfast. For those special days, booking cheap flights to Bangkok is recommended. This will save you from the highly priced hotel rooms and air fare charges.

Sukhothai Is Another Great Place To Visit In Thailand

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Sukhothai is another great place to visit in Thailand. It is the largest town in Thailand and a large city in itself. Sukhothai has numerous places of interest including ancient temples, market places, markets, and museums. Sukhothai offers a wide array of delicious breakfast. Sukhothai is famous for its delicious pork and chicken soup called Ayutthaya which are made up of two bowls of soup.

Ayutthaya is also located in Sukhothai. Like most places in Thailand, Ayutthaya is also popular among travelers who wish to spend their entire vacation on the beach. It is a favorite among tourists who love swimming and surfing. This city is popular among honeymooners. Ayutthaya has several hotels and resorts where couples can enjoy their stay.

If we talk about entertainment, there are so many places in the city that offer live music performances, sports and many more. The nightlife here is also very vibrant and appealing to the eyes. There are bars, pubs, discos, and restaurants available here that will give you an unforgettable experience of your lifetime in Thailand.

Some Great Temples Here Where Tourists Can Visit

There are many other things to do in this city. There are some great temples here where tourists can visit and pay their respects. There are some wonderful museums in the city that attract tourists from all over the world. If we discuss tourism in Thailand, it is very clear that the city of Bangkok is the best one in all aspects.

Bangkok is just like any other normal city. There are some very famous landmarks in this city that attract tourists from around the world. The best tourist cities in the world are known for providing excellent accommodation, safe holiday destinations, amazing food and sightseeing opportunities. Bangkok is definitely a prime spot in Thailand and among the top tourist destinations.

Bangkok sees millions of tourists during the year and there is never a lack of accommodation options here. You can find many five star hotels, luxury hotels, economy hotels and budget hotels in the city. There are plenty of cheap hotels as well in the city. You can find these hotels in many parts of Bangkok that are conveniently located close to the major attractions and business centers of the city.

Wrapping Up

The best tourist city in Thailand certainly has something special to offer everyone. Though there are many famous places in Bangkok, the best thing about this city is that you can spend your days here exploring every nook and corner of this beautiful place. If you have an adventurous spirit, then you can spend your days wandering here and there in the market streets. If you love shopping, then you must plan your trip to Bangkok in a much more flexible manner. There are plenty of shopping malls, markets where you can buy anything that you want to.

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