Single Entry Tourist Visa For Thailand In 2021

single entry tourist visa thailand

One of the most peaceful and beautiful island countries in South Asia. It is a popular tourist destination and is mainly known for its marvelous temples, food, scenic views, beaches, and martial arts. A lot of visitors prefer single-entry visas for tourists. Are you someone who is wondering how to get there? If you want to visit Thailand then the below-provided information can assist you. However, in the pandemic situation, certain changes have been introduced in the single entry tourist visa for Thailand.


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There are some document papers and information that are necessary for achieving a visa. These include a passport with a minimum of 2 blank pages and at least 6 months span. You have to submit 2 recently clicked (6 months or less) passport-length images. It must be colored as well. Tourists need to fill a form for a Thai visa application. Kids are also required to provide this application. It is the duty of parents or guardians in some cases to sign it.

Evidence of payment of visa fee from a bank. Moreover, this charge cannot be refunded in any case. Your air ticket must have your name on it. Next is the copy of the primary page in your passport. Lastly, a residence card of your homeland. In a few cases, some other documents are asked to turn over.

Validity Period Of Single Entry Visa

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A tourist can initially tour Thailand for 60 days starting from the day of reaching. Pay 1,900 Thai Baht and you can get some extra stay days in Thailand. But the tourist must arrive at the immigration office within 60 days. An expired visa cannot be expanded. Through this visa, a tourist can stay for a maximum time of 3 months or 90 days.

Certificate Of Entry

In a pandemic, it is compulsory to have a certificate of entry also known as COE. For visiting Thailand, few documents are required to be given to the provincial Thai embassy. You have to submit a passport, visa, flight tickets, T8 form, and health insurance. The process will take around 15 days. After that tourists should quarantine themselves for 14 days from arrival in authorized hotels. These expenses will be incurred by tourists.


A single-entry tourist visa for Thailand is used for visiting purposes. The visa holders are prohibited to utilize visas for business or other objectives. In the beginning, the visa will let you stay up to 2 months, and later tourists are advised to extend their visiting duration at the immigration office with a supplementary fee. You can stay for a maximum period of 90 days or 3 months. There are some documents that every tourist must submit for a visa. Tourists are also asked to obtain a certificate of entry due to coronavirus.

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