Take A Tour Of Phuket In The Phuket Thailand Tourist Perspective

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Phuket, this Thai island has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for decades, and the way it is maintained has secured its position on top tourist destinations for years to come! The island of Phuket is located in the western part of Thailand. Being the largest island in Thailand, it has more than 15 different beaches, a large number of holiday resorts, and one of the most vibrant night lives and club scenes in the world. The island is a versatile location and is fit for all kinds of people. There are countless temples, monasteries, and spas for the relaxed traveler and numerous clubs, markets, and water sports for the more adventurous tourist.

Phuket Thailand Tourist Perspective

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There is something for everyone on the island, a unique style of Sino-Portuguese architecture for history enthusiasts, and many extraordinarily modern and automated styled hotels for technology lovers.

The food is exquisite, with authentic Thai and Pan-Asian cuisine as well as more European options. The vegan food selection on the island rivals that of California that too at a fraction of the price.

Further, Thai culture is known for its hospitality, thus making it an extremely tourist-friendly place. The markets are to die for, with various items ranging from authentic Thai textiles and tchotchkes to name-brand knock-offs at throwaway prices.

The island has a ferry schedule, with ferries going every day to the other beautiful near-by islands such as Koh-Samui. Phuket is also not far from the bustling capital of Thailand, Bangkok, if you crave a faster-paced vacation after spending some time on the island.

More Tips For A Phuket Thailand Tourist

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Thailand is an extremely hospitable country and one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in the world. Movies like Hangover would have you believe that the country tolerates all sorts of behavior from tourists. However, in order to truly enjoy your experience and enhance your enjoyment, the following tips would be helpful:

The island has few English speakers. It is a good idea to learn basic Thai greetings and directions as well as downloading a translation app on your phone.

Go easy on the bargaining. Although Thailand is famous for being bargain friendly, tourists should limit their bargaining as it is perceived as rude after a point by sellers.

Beware of knockoffs. Thailand is notorious for manufacturing and selling counterfeit designer items, be wary of these while shopping.

What To Carry

Carry bug-spray, mosquitos, and bugs is a big problem in Thailand, and they can make tourists that are not used to the sick. For this reason, most airports in Thailand sell bug-repellant sprays to keep you safe.

Dress modestly when visiting a monastery or temple. You may be tempted to head there in your beachy apparel. However, it is essential to be respectful when visiting these locations.

Do not visit petting zoos. Thailand is notorious for animal abuse. Petting zoos worldwide keep animals chained and heavily sedated for tourists’ amusement. Do not support such places.

Use public transport, although cab prices in Thailand are reasonable. The country’s pollution levels are rising due to its bustling tourism industry, being a responsible tourist, and helping to keep their pollution levels at bay.


Thailand, especially Phuket, is a pocket-friendly paradise that everyone must visit at least once in their lives. It is an all in one tourist spot with pretty much all kinds of terrains and activities available. Be a responsible tourist and keep cultural appropriation in check.

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