Thailand Monkeys Beach

thailand monkeys beach

Thailand Monkeys Beach is situated in the province of Chiang Mai. This is one of Thailand’s most famous and well-known tourist beaches. The area is popular for its tropical climate, spectacular scenery and the peaceful atmosphere that envelopes it. Among the most popular activities that you can do here are snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, banana boating, sunset tours, camping and shopping.

Thailand Monkeys Beach

A polar bear is swimming in the water

Thailand Monkeys Beach starts from Ao Ton Sai beach. You can find this beach as the starting point of Thailand tour. The view from here is truly magnificent. Just wait for the right time to see these beautiful islands. The beach starts off with a walkway from the Ao Ton Sai beach.

When you reach the beach, you will notice many vendors selling all sorts of things. These vendors often keep the beach clean and tidy. There are also bars and nightclubs scattered all over the beach. This adds to the relaxed atmosphere. This is also the place where you will find cheap accommodation.

Thailand Monkeys Beach has everything for everyone. This is one of the best beach resorts that you will ever come to. You can have fun and enjoy the natural scenic beauty that surrounds the beach. Some of the activities that you can try include snorkeling, diving, surfing, banana boating, sunset tours and so much more. The accommodation facilities here are also amazing. Most of the hotels are located just a few steps away from the beach.

The price of Thailand Monkey Beach accommodations varies depending on the facilities and amenities provided. Some of them provide simple accommodation and just basic facilities. However, there are those which provide luxury and comfort. The food options are also varied.

Thailand is a top tourist destination for travelers who love adventure and excitement. Thailand is home to some of the most captivating and exotic islands in the world. This island destination offers a great mix of both sandy beaches and tropical islands. Its natural resources and landscape are also ideal for hiking, trekking and bird watching. It is also a great place for surfing and other water sports.

Thailand is a small country located in Southeast Asia. Thailand has a large number of islands. Among these islands Thailand has its most famous islands, namely, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Phan Nagn, Koh Tao and Koh Ma. Its beaches are also popular among tourists who love swimming and surfing.

Thailand has been a popular destination with tourists since centuries. Today, it attracts thousands of foreign tourists to visit this beautiful island destination. There are various hotels in Thailand that offer quality accommodation facilities. They also have travel packages that can suit your budget. The most important thing to remember while planning your trip to Thailand is to be safe.

The Thailand monkeys beach is located in Krabi Town. It is about an hour’s boat ride from the downtown area of Phuket. The closest airport to Krabi is the Koh Samui International Airport. So if you are travelling from any place in the world you can easily reach here.

There are two kinds of beaches in Thailand that attract tourists. One is the dry monkeys beach where you will find numerous dry monkeys playing and singing. On the other side of this is the wet monkeys beach, where tourists can witness the different monkeys engaging in water games like diving and surfing. There are also many hotels that provide accommodation to tourists who enjoy being in the wild. They offer comfortable rooms to tourists who enjoy being in the wild.

To get to the Thailand monkeys beach you need to travel to the town of Krabi. Once there, you can hire a car or a motorcycle for the journey. There are also buses that will take tourists from the airport to the beach. If you do not wish to go for a car or a motorcycle, then you can take the local bus that will take you to the beach and you can also avail of the taxi services that will cost much less.

End Note

A sandy beach next to the ocean

The beach is not too crowded. So you can just chill and sunbathe on the beach without having to worry about other tourists. However, there is no one who can explain the meaning of peace in Thailand as one cannot see the place personally. Hence, visiting the place would require you to have an understanding about the lifestyle of the people here. Thailand is a great tourist destination and one should visit it once in a lifetime to experience a different kind of scenery and culture.

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