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The Thailand time history is just different from other countries as many time zones are adopted and change. In this article, we are going to discuss Thailand time.

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Thailand is a country located in the Asia continent in the Indian Ocean. Thailand has a diverse ecosystem including hilly forested areas, central plains, broad plateaus, and the coast in the southern peninsula in the 20th century. The temperature of Thailand is steady throughout the year. It lies from 77 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit that is 25 to 29 degrees Celsius due to its location. 


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As India follows Greenwich mean time i.e. GMT + 5:30 it means five and half hours ahead of GMT Similarly Thailand follows coordinated universal time i.e. UTC + 7 00 which means the time is ahead by 7 hours of UTC. While the local mean time of Bangkok was originally UTC + 6 42 until 1920, then it changes according to the Indo china time. Thailand has the same time zone as other countries as well that is with its neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Christmas Island, and Indonesia. 

In the 19th century, Thailand has different times i.e. Thailand is divided into many time zones with minutes of difference between the locations. Thailand adopts its local meantime according to the observatory`s geographic location and these observatories are located in different provinces and Thailand have different time based on them. Then as time passes by, in 1920 the new meantime was adopted as the new standard time in the whole country which is seven hours ahead of Greenwich meantime and this time is based on the Greenwich Royal Observatory.

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Since then, now in 2001, the country Thailand i.e. the cabinet of Thailand, the official timekeeper for Thailand has announced to changes its time to one hour that is  move its time forward one hour so as to align with Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and many other countries. The next time decided by Thailand is UTC + 8 00  which led to much criticism and resistance. The plan was dropped and withdrawn as it met with much criticism and the time remains the same i.e from 1920 to present Thailand follows the same time as it was adopted earlier i.e. UTC + 07 00, unofficially known as Indochina time. 

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