Thailand Tourist Attractions for Kids

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Many holiday destinations although ideal for couples don’t have sufficient attractions for kids. A quintessential beach holiday might amuse kids for some time after which they would want something else to do. Thailand offers a complete holiday attraction for kids and couples both. There is so much to do for kids alone that a single holiday won’t be enough to cover it all. Booking in advance will ensure that you and your family get the cheapest flight tickets. A cheapest flight ticket can be availed by looking for special offers in the papers and other media. Ask your travel agent to book your holiday to Thailand which is inclusive of the below mentioned attractions for kids. 

Thailand Tourist Attractions

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  • Kidzania: Bangkok has a unique theme park named as Kidzania wherein kids can practice playing the role of different professions. Not only is this the most innovative form of edutainment, but this also enables them to spend their day learning something new.
  • Bounce Bangkok: This unique place has the craziest of trampolines set up weird angles to enable us to explore our jumping skills. Both children and teens throng this place attempting crazy tricks.
  • Lazer Game Lazgam: A laser game arena is superb fun with kids of similar ages. Wearing the laser head gears, it’s fun to run around shooting your friends with laser guns.
  • Funarium: This place is a hit amongst toddlers. The indoor playground has a large climbing area wherein toddlers can keep themselves busy learning soft skills. The arena also teaches them water activities, art and craft and baking.
  • Children’s Discovery museum: If your child loves to know about things and is a walking tell me why, then you must take your child to this unique kid’s discovery museum wherein they can learn the mysteries of science.
  • Flight Simulator: If your child often dreams of becoming a pilot, then you must make him visit this unique cockpit which feels too realistic. It has a trained pilot inside to guide your kids.
  • Dinosaur Planet: You must take your kids to this lovely theme park dedicated to prehistoric dinosaurs. There are more than 200 life sized models of dinosaurs and a ferris wheel to amuse your kids.
  • Siam Ocean World: Let your kids enjoy playing with dolphins in this place with a massive display of the marine life.
  • Safari World: Take your kids on a wild tour in the jungles and let them catch glimpses of the wilderness.
  • Doi Inthanon National Park: If your children love bird watching, then do take them to this wonderful national park thronging with rare species of birds.
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Apart from the above mentioned places, Thailand has pretty beaches like Krabi, Phuket, Pattaya wherein your kids can splish n splash in the vast expanses of blue waters and build sand castles in white beaches along with enjoying some water sports.

Make sure you get the cheapest flight tickets by booking in advance. Cheap flight tickets ensure that you can spend less on the travel fare and more on the tourist attractions. 

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