Thailand Travel Adapters – Tips Useful For Your Thailand Travel

Thailand Travel Adapters

A trip to Thailand can be great unless one needs electricity but cannot use it. It generally happens when the power plugs and sockets of a particular country are not compatible with the appliances that the person is carrying. One should invest in adapters so that one does not face the issue.

Types of Power Plugs and Sockets

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While buying Thailand travel adapters, one must know that Thailand has five power plugs and sockets. These namely type A, B, C, F, and O.

Type A

It is also called the flat blade attachment plug. It consists of two parallel pins or blades. It is most widely used in North and Central America. The blades are 1.5 mm and about 15.9 to 18.3 mm in length. They have a spacing of 12.7 mm. This type is also called NEMA 1-15. It was invented in the year in 1904.

Type B

The type B electric socket, also known as the NEMA 5-15, is very similar to the type A electric socket. However, type B has a round Earth pin in addition to the two flat parallel pins. Moreover, like any other plug, the earth pin in the type B electric socket is longer than the other pins so that the electric appliance is grounded before it gets power. The type B plug can be used for currents up to a limit of 15 A.

Type C

When considering the plug used all over the world, type C is the most widely used. It has two round pins. The type C plug is ungrounded and unpolarised. It is also called the euro plug. The type C socket also works with plug E and plug F.

Type F

Type F power plug has two round pins just like type C. However the type F outlets lack the round protruding earthing prong. The type F outlet works with sockets of type C and F plug-ins. The type f socket also works with plug C and plug E.

Type O

The type O consists of two power pins along with an Earth pain. They are round and have 4.8 mm in diameter. The power pins are 19 mm long and have an insulated sleeve that is 10 mm long. The pins are 19 mm apart. Type O is exclusive to Thailand, and the type O sockets also work with plug C, plug E, and plug F.

The ideal Thailand travel adapters must cater to all types.

How to Buy Thailand Travel Adapters

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There are various options available when it comes to Thailand travel adapters. One can easily find a single adapter that caters to all the needs. However, it is best to buy more than one of these adapters because one might need more than one at a time. Adapters are easily available in online stores as well as electric shops.


If the electric appliance has a different voltage or a different frequency, it is best not to use it. The one with a different frequency should never be used, and the one with a different voltage can be used but is also risky. It is best to look for the labels of the appliances. Suppose the electric appliance has a label that States ‘’INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz’ can be used anywhere in the world. One can easily find this label on tablets or laptops, photo cameras, toothbrushes, etc. Therefore even after having Thailand travel adapters, it is important to take precautions.


When traveling to any foreign country, it is best to carry electric adapters. It makes it extremely convenient, and one doesn’t have to run around looking for suitable plugs and sockets. Buying Thailand travel adapters online is the best way to go about it, but one must always go through reviews before purchasing.

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