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Travel Alerts Thailand offers you a lot of important information about Thailand. This is the country that never sleeps; it has so much to offer that you won’t ever run out of things to learn or experience. Thailand is the ultimate destination for any kind of adventure. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia and has a lot to offer those who have an adventurous spirit. The Thai people are very welcoming to foreign travelers and the country’s young and vibrant culture makes Thailand a great holiday destination.

An Overview

Thailand celebrates its first Happy New Year every year on the first Tuesday of the New Year. Some popular festivals during this time include the Songkran Festival, the Loh Bagao Festival and the Thailand Fair. Tourists can have loads of fun during these festivals and many local attractions are also put on temporary display for visitors. If you want to travel around Thailand during the Happy New Year, the best time to go would be from mid-December until the first week of January.

In Bangkok the celebrations reach a fever pitch with millions of people turning out to watch the Thais perform their traditional music and dances. During the Songkran Festival, which is also known as Krung Thep, tourists can watch dancers perform water exercises and other traditional routines. Thai couples dress up in traditional attires and tie silk flowers to their wrists. The Loh Bagao Festival celebrates good health and good fortune, while the Thailand Fair gives importance to family traditions and the determination to keep them alive. The Thailand Fair also has a lot of animal shows and live Thai boxing matches.

Thailand Travel Alerts And Tips

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Thailand has a large number of natural wonders and attractions. These range from waterfalls and natural lakes to hills and mountain peaks. Some places are absolutely stunning and have picturesque scenery making them ideal for travel destination. If you are travelling to these places during the time of the Songkran Festival, you will have lots of opportunity to view some of the stunning natural attractions.

Songkran is a major festival of colours and celebration. The royal families celebrate by wearing bright colours and decorating their houses with beautiful flowers. The Thais do not visit their relatives’ homes during this period, which is why people from far away countries come to Thailand during the Songkran Festival only. This is one of the reasons why Thailand has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. In order to keep up with the high demand for tourism, Thailand offers people all kinds of travel products such as travel alerts, pre-tour packages and pre-booked tours.

Thailand’s tourism industry is one of its biggest industries. Tourists from across the globe come to Thailand for its pristine beaches, rich culture and famous temples. This great influx of visitors increases the chances of getting lost or suffering injuries on the roads. With the help of a reliable travel guide, tourists are able to plan their trip perfectly and avoid any kind of mishap on the way.

In The End

Other than the alerts that provide information about Thailand travel, you can also find out about the latest national holidays and festivals in Thailand. These include Songkran, New Year, Buddha Day, Full Moon Parties and Thai Culture and Heritage. You can also get travel maps that tell you more about the country’s top tourist attractions and other information that can help you plan your Thailand travel efficiently. All these services make travelling to Thailand more enjoyable for the tourists and more affordable for the travel enthusiasts from across the world. This is why many travelers choose to avail of the service offered by Thailand travel alerts. This saves them from getting stuck in any kind of trouble or travel headache.

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