Thailand: Travel Guide For Beginner

Thailand: Travel Guide For Beginner

Do you dream of beautiful, warm, sandy beaches, island hopping? Do you dream of trekking into the jungle? Or are you looking for a destination rich in adventures but all should be affordable at the same time? And do you know that Thailand has all of the above qualities? No matter what kind of experience you’re seeking, Thailand has it all.

Thailand: Travel Guide For Beginner
Thailand: Travel Guide For Beginner

Few Mantras To Be A Thailand bound Traveler?

  • The only thing you require to be a Thailand bound traveler is to be fit. Since Thailand has innumerable sources to boost your adventurous spirit. There are many activities that you can enjoy when in Thailand.
  • When in Thailand, you must be ready to thrive in hot to extremely humid weather.
  • You must be a water baby to enjoy Thailand’s turquoise waters and be ready to dive.
  • You must be adventurous to trek, tuk-tuk, taste, kayak, climb, sail and even kickbox your way across the country!
  • And at least take 10-15 vacation days so that you would be able to enjoy this grand country smoothly.
  • It would be fun for you if you can learn a few Thai phrases as it would not only flatter Thai people but also help you to connect with them in a beautiful way. You need not worry about the language barrier as English is a global language.

The Best Months To Visit

While Thailand is good to visit all year round but still there are few months which are more suitable for Thailand’s visit.

The best time to travel there is between November and early April when rainfall is limited and temperatures are manageable.

Urban Thailand 

So finally you are all packed to hit this great Southeast Asian gem! You must start your journey by visiting Bangkok’s Grand Palace. It is the city’s most famous landmark. And also the spiritual heart of the Thai Kingdom. The palace’s intricate and complex buildings will leave you awestruck.

After that visit:

1. Wat Arun: Wat Arun is located on the bank of Chayo Phraya River. Then there is

2. Wat Pho: Where you will see the impressive reclining Buddha.

The other mesmerizing place to visit is:

3. Temple Wat Ratchanatdaram. The design of this temple is inspired by metal temples built in Sri Lanka and India over 2000 years ago. Go to this temple during night time as this temple looks astonishingly beautiful in the dark.

Give yourself soul treat by visiting one of the city’s many rooftop bars and enjoy the feverish scene of Bangkok.

Thailand: Travel Guide For Beginner
Thailand: Travel Guide For Beginner

Countryside Thailand

After spending days immersing in the chaos of urban Thailand, now is the time to dip into blissful rejuvenation by visiting Thailand’s alluring countryside.

Start by visiting the mountains of Chiang Mai, where you will see hundreds of Buddhist temples. Gradually you will discover the Thai jungle and experience unforgettable. 

 Eventually, you will find yourself hiking through unexpected waterfalls and here you will be totally immersed in the lap of the grand nature.

So if you are a new traveler to Thailand, make sure to use these guidelines to make the best of your trip here. See you!

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