Thailand Travel Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers -

Thailand Travel Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers

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Are you a single female traveler planning your solo Thailand trip? Well, we agree that Thailand can be an enticing place but if you make the wrong decisions, the trip can turn out to be a nightmare too! So wondering where you’d get proper Thailand travel safety tips that can ensure you fun, freedom and a wonderful experience? Follow these tips to have a great time on your trip and enjoy it to the fullest!

Book A Safe Accommodation

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Perhaps the least difficult ways to guard yourself while traveling in Thailand is by picking proper hotels. in case you’re going on a limited financial plan, the $5 per night quarters room may be enticing, yet paying somewhat extra for a room which has a lock on the entryway, 24hr gathering, clean offices and cloth, can mean the contrast between getting your assets squeezed, and being bitten by bed bugs, and getting an agreeable, undisturbed night’s rest. Numerous inns in Thailand have female-only dormitories. You can also go for those.

Be Aware Of Bag Snatching

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Savage crimes against outsiders; including murder and robbing, are uncommon, however petty crime is normal. Alarmingly, ride-by bag grabbing is progressively normal. A motorbike zooms by exceptionally close, the traveler on the back gets your bag from your shoulder, and you’ve lost everything! Slipping one arm through the bag handle and the other over your head isn’t a very remarkable deterrent, and could cause you injury. The criminal will drag you and the bag, until the handle breaks, or they’ll cut the handle with a sharp knife. In any case, the danger of getting injured is high. So, make sure that you keep yourself and your bag safe.

Dress Appropriately

Just because there are a huge number of sparsely clad young ladies, doesn’t mean you should dress the same. For all its transparency and acknowledgment, Thailand is still pretty traditionalist. Ladies shouldn’t go topless on the sea shore, and don’t wander excessively far from the sea shore in your two-piece. It’s convenient to consistently convey a baggy dress in your beach bag, just on the off chance that you need to dodge off to the business sectors.

When entering sanctuaries and regal structures, definitely ensure your shoulders and knees are covered. That implies no singlets for gents or ladies. Keep a sarong in your bag should you need a swift dress change, and remember to take off your shoes and socks when entering a sanctuary.

Wrapping Up

Thai society is hierarchical, and women’s rights haven’t established itself in the public eye, still. You know those western men who think all Thai young ladies are “available”? Some Thai men have similar mixed up convictions about western ladies.

Thai men can regularly misread signals from the manner in which western ladies dress.Nonetheless, it’s unlikely you will be wolf whistled or explicitly harassed while making the rounds in the city. Being Buddhists, Thai individuals are commonly modest and aware of ladies.

Be that as it may, if you do get harassed while traveling alone, ignore the remarks and continue strolling. Walk confidently and do not panic.

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