Thailand Travel Warning: Precautions And Safety

Thailand Travel Warning: Precautions And Safety

Thailand is one of the safe places to travel in the world, and it includes for solo female travelers also. Moreover, the Thai people are known for their friendly and welcoming nature. However, there are a few Thailand travel warning to take care of.

Thailand Travel Warnings Are:

Culture Aspect

The old saying of ‘do as the locals do’ is helpful for your safety. Therefore, it is beneficial to research about a place’s culture before traveling. Also, read the dos and don’ts carefully. Further, you should also learn about the places you are going to visit. Behaving and dressing as per the culture will also help you from landing into any trouble.

Take Care Of Your Belongings

Your belongings, such as the passport and the money should be kept safe and secure. Further, make a copy of your passport and mail it to yourself, and keep small amounts of cash with you while sight-seeing. Moreover, you should also register the details about where you are traveling to your embassy.

Thailand Travel Warning: Precautions And Safety
Thailand Travel Warning: Precautions And Safety

Avoid Animal Tourism

Animal tourism is getting all the hype in Thailand. Thus, elephant trekking, tiger temples, and photos with monkeys are a few activities that you will come across in Thailand. But we suggest you not to do this since many of the animals are ill-treated and neglected. Further, if you wish to see the wildlife, then do it ethically.

There Are Many Stray Dogs

There are thousands of stray dogs roaming in the capital of Thailand. Though the right number is not available, you are going to see them on the streets in numbers. Further, rashes, fleas, and lesions are some of the conditions the dogs are suffering.

Though many of the local people feed and take care of the dogs, many are neglected. Therefore, you must be vigilant while roaming in the streets.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys- Important Thailand Travel Warning

In Thailand, many beaches have monkeys. Though, the animals are cute too see, do not feed them. Since feeding the animals will make them not able to find food on their own. Thereby making them vulnerable in the wild.

Thailand Travel Warning: Precautions And Safety
Thailand Travel Warning: Precautions And Safety

Further, the monkeys will link people with food and start stealing their bags, clothing, and more items in search of food. Therefore, an important Thailand travel warning is not to feed the monkeys.

Invest In Bug Spray- Thailand Travel Warning

While in Thailand, replace your perfume with the bug spray. Since there are too many bugs in the city and you will end up with bug bites. Further, the itching can be unbearable, or worse; you may contact a virus. Therefore, always keep a travel size bug spray with you.

Bring Your Toilet Paper

When traveling in Thailand, keep a tissue roll or a toilet paper in your bag. Since many bathrooms in Thailand have squat toilets and even bum guns which the westerners may not be accustomed to.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Travel safe and keep in mind all the precautions for your safety. Happy traveling!!

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