The Dangers of Unsafe Public Baths

Thailand Tourist Deaths

Thailand’s Tourist Deaths are rising as the country suffers from the current economic crisis. People are not able to support their families and are not able to pay their monthly salary, and have had a hard time paying off their credit card debts in a situation when the value of money has crashed. They are also having trouble paying their mortgages, loans, and other bills that they take on.

Thailand Tourist Deaths

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Thailand Tourist Deaths occur because of many factors, but mainly, it is because of the lack of knowledge regarding the basic medical care and hygiene standards that we have in our own countries. Many people do not know where the nearest hospital or the health center is or how to contact the authorities. People often do not take time out of their busy schedules to find out how to get to the hospital and have a medical check-up there.

The situation is even worse in Thailand. Thailand is now a very popular tourist destination with many tourists making a journey here to enjoy its many attractions. Due to the economic crisis that Thailand is going through, many people are looking for cheaper travel options and the cheap flights and cheap accommodation that Thailand has, have taken away all the cheap tourist attractions and activities which would make your trip a more enjoyable one.

Important Consideration

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This is where proper health care and hygiene check-up is extremely important to ensure the safety of your health in Thailand. You should be able to get the right treatment if you need it. If you fall ill while on a Thailand holiday and you cannot get proper medical care or accommodation, then you could end up dying while on holiday. There are many Thailand Tourist Deaths occurring every year due to lack of care and poor hygiene.

In the past, many Thailand Tourist Deaths occurred in public baths, where many foreigners take a bath together. Thailand has a problem with overcrowded public baths, and they have not been able to clean them properly in recent years. If there are too many people in the bathing area, there will be an unsafe environment, which will lead to more people falling sick. Even if there is only one person falling sick, it could have serious consequences on the medical care of the victim, which could lead to death.

Things To Know

A good place to start checking out a public bath is in Phuket. You will see that most of the people are elderly or infirm, and you will also see many foreign tourists taking a bath in Phuket’s main public bathing area.

If you go to a public bath where there are foreign tourists, ask for assistance to be called and get medical help as soon as possible. Many people die each year because of poor hygiene in Thailand’s public bath because of the lack of adequate medical care.

Thailand needs to start acting like a developed nation, where healthcare is provided at all times, especially for its tourists. A responsible and competent administration must step in and provide safe facilities. If you visit a public bathing area, make sure that the staff knows how to provide safe hygiene standards and also get help as soon as the need arises.

A public bathing area should be kept well-maintained. Bathrooms should be disinfected daily. When a foreigner is in a public bath, and sickness occurs, they should have the option to leave without having to pay anything for their treatment.

Bottom Line

Thailand must also look at the number of foreign tourists who come to Phuket every year and look at whether they have taken enough responsibility to take proper care of themselves before taking their vacation. Even though they are not in Thailand, the number of tourists is increasing every year, and their responsibility has become greater than ever.

Thailand is not a developed nation and has no money for healthcare. The government of Thailand has to take care of its own health and should look at the number of tourists coming into the country. And there has to be a clear line of communication between them and the authorities in order to ensure the proper care and hygiene standards are met in public areas.

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