The Top 15 Attractions and Activities to do in Phuket Thailand

An island in the middle of a body of water

Phuket is a paradise island that sits on the western coast of Thailand. With its white-sand beaches, clear blue waters, and lush green forests-it’s a perfect place to spend your vacation.

What makes Phuket so great? Well, there are many things from hiking in the tropical forests to elephant bathing and cooking classes – there’s something for everyone here. Let’s explore some of the top attractions and activities you can do when you visit this beautiful island!

Patong beach

A group of palm trees on a sandy beach

Patong Beach is the number one tourist destination in Phuket. It is a perfect place to spend your vacation and enjoy everything that the island has to offer. It’s a well-known international holiday destination, and there’s plenty of things for tourists to do and see. There are many attractive beaches and resorts for tourists to visit and stay at. With its beautiful white sand beaches, clear blue waters, lush green forests. Wake up before the sun rises to watch the majestic sunrise over Patong Beach. Patong Beach truly is a paradise of the world!

One of the things tourists love about Patong is all of its shopping streets with their trendy stores of clothes, accessories, jewelry, souvenirs, etc. You can find all the different types of products and many souvenirs that represent Phuket!

There are also many restaurants, bars, and pubs for all the party-goers out there.

Khao Sok national park

A clock tower lit up at night

Khao Sok is a national park, located in the southwest of Thailand, about 5 hours drive from Bangkok. It has an area of 940 km² and was founded on October 13, 1981.

The park contains tropical evergreen forests and limestone cliffs with many waterfalls and virgin forests. There you can find many species of plants and animals such as the long-tailed macaque and the Asian elephant. Khao Sok is also one of the largest cave networks in Thailand.

Hardcore hiking through waterfalls in Khao Sok National Park

Trekking through the world’s largest rainforest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In Khao Sok National Park the majestic scenery of towering waterfalls and cliffs will leave you in awe.

To make the most of your trip, book a hike with an experienced guide-they will help you avoid getting lost. For those looking for a more challenging workout, climbing Khao Sok’s highest peak is an adventure not to be missed!

The beautiful Phang Nga Bay

Take a boat ride around the crystal blue waters of Phang Nga bay, where you can see idyllic limestone cliffs rise from the water. This area is well-known for its karst formations that surround The Surin Islands. You can go kayaking or snorkeling, and see all the beautiful corals and fish that live beneath the sea. You can also go scuba diving and see the amazing sea caves up close.

Phang Nga Bay is filled with extraordinary limestone cliffs rising from the clear blue waters.

The Surin Island

The Surin Islands are known to have some of the clearest waters in Southeast Asia, so you’ll be able to see all the creatures that live beneath the surface. You can find starfish, sea anemones, and even the famous manta rays.

The Surin Islands have excellent beaches to relax on and enjoy the warm weather. You can also go snorkeling or kayaking, depending on how much you want to do while you’re there. This area is a very popular destination for tourists, especially those who love scuba diving. You can go scuba diving right from the beach!

Pakarang Cape

You may also visit the Pakarang Cape, which is a famous cliff in the area with many legends and mysteries surrounding it. You can go there and feel like you’ve gone back in time to ancient Thailand…

Pakarang Cape is one of these hidden gems – a beautiful cliff with many legends and mysteries surrounding them.

In the area, you can also enjoy a variety of activities, such as kayaking, biking, and even rock climbing.

Kamala Beach

Phuket has beautiful beaches throughout the island-day and night. One of those places to go to is Kamala beach where you can relax, take a walk or enjoy some cocktails and watch the sunset into the sea.

It’s a very popular spot, so it can get pretty crowded with tourists and locals. The night scene in Kamala is also one to explore-there are many restaurants and bars where you can have a drink or two while listening to live music!

Phuket town

Phuket Town is one of the biggest cities in Phuket. Its busy yet very charming atmosphere makes it a great place to visit. From its charming streets to the unique architecture it’s a place you won’t want to miss out on!

The Old Town of Phuket is a must-visit destination for those who love history and architecture. It contains many old temples, shrines, and other historical buildings throughout.

Khao Lak/Lam Ru National Park

The Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park is one of the only national parks in Thailand with an area that’s inhabited by humans. It was founded on September 23, 1991, and has a total area of 191 km². The park contains tropical evergreen forests, hills, and marshy grassland. This makes it a great place to visit for those who want to escape the busy streets of the cities for nature.

The Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park has an area inhabited by humans, so you’ll be able to experience the best of both worlds. You can get in touch with nature while staying close enough to civilization that you’re not secluded or isolated from other people.

Phu Khao Lak, which is a famous mountain in the park, is a great place to hike. You’ll have amazing views of the ocean while you climb.

Phi Phi island

This stunning island is one of the best places to visit in Phuket if you want great beaches and a beautiful view. From its amazing limestone cliffs to the clear blue water below, this place has it all!

Phi Phi Island will give you a look at some fantastic views while you explore the area. You can go for a swim, check out some of the caves and even go scuba diving.

What to do at Phi Phi Islands like a pro?

The best time for you to visit these islands is during high tide. When the sea is rough with waves breaking against the cliffs, it will give you an up-close experience with nature’s power! There are also many great seafood restaurants in the Phi Phi Islands where tourists can enjoy a delicious meal while overlooking the beautiful ocean.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay Often referred to as Thailand’s most beautiful beach, Maya Bay is a must-see in Phuket. Located in the Phi Phi Islands, it is surrounded by limestone mountains and cliffs. You can travel to Maya Bay via boat or kayak; be sure to visit during high tide so you can see the waves crash against the rocks! Another perfect time to visit this gorgeous beach is during sunset. You’ll get a view of Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don islands when the sun sets over them, creating Instagram posts that are circulating stunning sights that you won’t want to miss out on!

Getting there: Maya Bay is in Ton Sai Bay in the Phi Phi Islands. It’s around 25 km from Phuket City. You can get there by boat or kayak.

Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Don has some stunning views and you can check them out while exploring the beautiful, rugged landscape. If that isn’t the type of sight you want to explore then you can go on a boat trip to explore the surrounding islands or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants.

it’s also a great place to visit if you love snorkeling and diving. There are many spots in the area that will give you a view of beautiful corals and colorful sea creatures!

You can get to Phi Phi Don via ferries from Krabi town or by longtail boat from Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay

You can spend a day exploring this bay, which is known for its exotic scenery and majestic limestone karst mountains that form rows in the sea! If you’re looking for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, you must visit Phang Nga Bay.

The bay is located between Phuket and Khao Sok, around 90km from Krabi Town. You can rent kayaks or speed boats to explore the area, or you can ride a long-tail boat that leaves from Phang Nga City Pier.

Elephant jungle sanctuary

Next on our list is visiting the beautiful Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. This 100-acre land was built by Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, who has rescued over 50 elephants since she opened the sanctuary in 2007. It is home to different species of animals, such as tigers, leopards, and other small animals.

Visiting the sanctuary is a great experience if you want to learn more about elephants and their daily lives. You’ll get the chance to interact with these majestic creatures while learning how they could play a key role in Thailand’s tourism industry.

The Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is open every day from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Tiger Kingdom

One of the top activities to do in Phuket is visiting the Tiger Kingdom, where you can come face-to-face with these majestic creatures. Watching tigers roam freely is one of the most amazing things you’ll ever experience. You don’t get to pet or play with these giant felines though. The tigers are kept in cages and you’ll be carefully watched by park security while inside the enclosure. People who love animals like tigers, but it might seem too good to be true; after all, Instagram posts are circulating social media claiming that the Tiger Kingdom still uses cruel methods to tame tigers.

Coconut plantations in Phuket

One of the most interesting things to do when you visit Phuket is to go on a coconut plantation tour. It truly is fascinating to see how one of Thailand’s biggest exports is produced. A local guide will bring you all around the island where they’ll show you many different types of coconut plantations and all the different ways that coconuts are used.

Tourists visiting Phuket can learn about how the island’s biggest export is produced: The humble coconut

Once you’re done with the plantation tour, your guide will take you to a local restaurant where you can try some truly delicious Thai food. You’ll also get to try all the different ways that coconuts are used in Thai cuisine. At Phuket Coconut Park you can see coconut trees, try their food and learn how they’re processed for oil and cosmetics. The best part about this tour is that it’s FREE! There aren’t any hidden costs or anything like that.

Phuket is filled with many different attractions and activities, but these are some of the things to do when you visit this island paradise. As long as you bring your camera, you’ll be able to capture so many beautiful memories!

Phuket is the perfect place to visit if you love snorkeling, diving, and exploring. The island has so many natural wonders that it’s hard to pick just one thing to do. From visiting an elephant sanctuary, kayaking around Phang Nga Bay, or checking out a coconut plantation-there are endless things for any traveler who wants an authentic Thai experience!

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