Things to See on Your Holiday in Thailand

cultural attractions in thailand

Thailand is a land of cultural attractions. It is a great place to explore and enjoy the colorful history and the beauty of Thai culture. Thailand is a sovereign country, which is located on the Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea, and Gulf of Mexico. There are many cultural attractions in Thailand such as the Phuket, the islands, the beaches, and the tropical islands. Each destination has its own charm and it is worth visiting.

If you are planning for your vacation, you can visit many attractions in Thailand. You can go to places with lots of cultural activities. Here are some of the most famous destinations in Thailand.

Phuket Ayutthaya National Museum

A castle with water in the background

In Phuket, you can visit the Phuket Ayutthaya National Museum and the Phuket Ancient Art Museum. The museums will help you learn more about Thailand culture. At the same time, you will get the chance to see many works of art done by the local artists. Among the famous artworks in Phuket are the Phra Bang Buddha, the Emerald City, and the Wat Pagkadam. Other attractions in Phuket include the Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre, King’s Cemetery, and the Phromthep Cape.

The second best cultural attraction in Thailand is the Bangkok. Bangkok is a major center of world trade. Besides, it also has many world class nightlife, good food, and entertainment. To have a good taste of nightlife in Bangkok you can visit the Night Bazaar, Patpong ping pong, and The Lumpini boxing stadium. Other attractions in Bangkok include The Grand Palace, The Raffles Hotel, and The Esplanade. For a cultural experience you should visit the Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre, and the Phromthep Cape.

Phuket Town.

A sunset over a body of water

If you love to shop then you should go to Phuket town. There are many shopping destinations in Phuket. Some of the main places to visit our Patong Beach, Siam Square, and the Chinatown area. Visiting to the beaches of Phuket can be a great experience for the whole family. You can even go scuba diving or snorkeling to enjoy the marine life of the sea in the blue waters of Phuket.


For those who are interested in the Thai culture and the religion then you must visit the largest city in Thailand, Bangkok. Among the main attractions of Bangkok are the old and the new shophouses, the museums, and even the floating market. In addition to all these there are the countless temples in Bangkok that you can visit. Among the most popular temple in Bangkok that is worth visiting are the Wat Mahathat, Wat Anchanat, Wat Trai Mit and Wat Ko Samui.

Tracing back in history, there are still many other fascinating cultural attractions in Thailand. These include the Phromthep Cape, the Maenam Beach, and the Gulf of Thailand. The Phromthep Cape is the oldest part of Phuket. It is also the coldest and the most pristinely beautiful place in all of Thailand. This is the perfect place for nature lovers and sailors alike.


There is also the possibility of you coming across the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The Golden Mountain is just about 15 kilometers from Phuket. If you wish to see the world’s largest statue of Buddha, the most important festival in Thailand, then visit Phuket. The best time to visit Phuket is from October to March. If you wish to do something adventurous, then you could try the white water rafting in Phuket.

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