Top 5 Attractions and Places in Thailand

thailand tourism attractions

Thailand is a country that is popular not only among tourists but also with people who have a passion for seeing how the ancient civilization of this country was able to develop into what it is today. Thailand is an island nation located in Southeast Asia. It shares its borders with Cambodia, Laos, and Burma. The capital city of Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in all of Asia. There are various Thai national holiday attractions, and some of them are given below.

Thailand Tourism Attractions: Ko Pha Ngan

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Ko Pha Ngan is situated in Ko Pha Ngan National Park. This national park houses some amazing exotic wildlife species. This is one of the top five national parks in Thailand. Some of the species that are present here include deer, wild pigs, jungle crabs, lizards, snakes, and many more.

Angkor Wat

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Angkor Wat is the biggest attraction in this country, and it attracts millions of tourists from around the world. The incredible construction of this temple is a testimony to the expertise of the architects and the love they had for their art. On a Thailand tour, you can visit the main temple by the Suan Lum Lake, where the statue of the God of Knowledge is located.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is another famous temple in the country. It is located in Chalong, on the way to Bangkok. It is a huge attraction among tourists because of the incredible beauty of the architecture and the fact that it attracts thousands of tourists every day. You will find many temples of different religions here, such as those of the Buddhists and the Hindus. It is also one of the prime locations in all of Thailand, where one can easily find hotels for Thailand tour packages.

Phra Bang

If we talk about the religious temples in Thailand, there are many of them. The main temple of this kingdom is the temple of Phra Bang. This temple was built during the reign of King Rama V and has now been converted into a museum. It houses many works like a replica of the Monastery of Bophut, Nusa Phraya, and Khmer Kings’ burial place.

Biggest Lake

Another famous attraction in Thailand is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, which is in Krabi. Phuket island is just an hour away from Krabi, and so many tourists fly to this island just to swim in this magical lake. Krabi residents are very friendly with tourists, and it is recommended that tourists take some time to explore their wonderful culture and traditional Thai food.

Tourist Attractions

Other than these three most famous tourist attractions, there are many other interesting tourist attractions in Thailand. For instance, there is the tiger safari in Phang-Nga province, which offers a unique experience to wildlife lovers. The wildlife in Thailand is also famous for its amazing natural beauty, which is the reason why many people come here to see the wildlife in Thailand.

Thailand tour packages include accommodation in hotels, sightseeing, meals, and tours to other popular destinations. Most visitors come here to book Thailand flights and accommodation before they head to other countries. So if you want to save money on your Thailand trip package, then you can always check out the internet and compare prices offered by various travel agents or online travel websites. You can also find information about popular tourist areas and the best time to visit Thailand.

The country of Thailand has a long history. Since the early part of the last century, Thailand was already famous as Siam, the land of the pharaohs. This ancient kingdom became a strong independent country after partitions by neighboring countries. Today, Thailand is a powerful country and is known as one of the leading economic nations in the world.

Thailand has been able to emerge as one of the leading tourist hotspots in Southeast Asia. Its diverse landscape and the ‘big lipped’ sunflower-shaped bay is the perfect tourist’s destination. This country is rich in culture, heritage, and language and has everything to offer its tourists. Its tropical climate makes it a great tourist destination in the year when you can enjoy the beach and countryside.

Bottom Line

Thailand is not only famous for its beaches. It is also famous for its Buddhist temples that are a major tourist attraction in the country. There are many famous temples in Thailand that are worth visiting and exploring. In addition to that, if you are on a low budget and looking for a place where you can spend your days enjoying the hospitality of friendly locals, Thailand would be an ideal choice.

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