Travel Vaccination And Why You Need It

Travel Vaccination And Why You Need It

You have always wanted to travel to your dream destination. And to achieve that, you have saved, put money aside for years to prepare for that trip of a lifetime. But have you thought of getting vaccination done before traveling to other countries?

Have you prepared your health? Without proper Travel Vaccination, your trip to a favorite destination can become a nightmare.

Would you like to be sick in bed in your lavish hotel room? If No! Then learn about travel vaccination before planning your trip.

Travel Vaccination And Why You Need It
Travel Vaccination And Why You Need It

Traveling Without Travel Vaccination?

Imagine! You have reached your dream destination ‘Thailand’ but have to spend your days inside your hotel room due to Typhoid fever. Or not being able to enjoy wildlife in Africa because you fell sick in bed due to yellow fever.

Both of the above-mentioned scenarios are not hypothetical, such instances have happened with people who chose to skip travel vaccinations.

So plan your trip consciously. Put your health first and vaccinate yourself.

Visiting Delightful Thailand?

Thailand has beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, and Buddhist landmarks. It is a visual feast to visit in Thailand. Not only that, but the country also provides a culinary feast.

You can find the famous Thai cuisine known for its freshness and savory combination of flavors.

Also, you can devour dishes like pad thai and spicy curries. Thailand’s culinary is a delight to global travelers and it is also the best way to immerse in the local culture.

But if you are not used to the spicy food and still chose to devour them, keep diarrhea kit with you. Just in case, you face dehydration issue due to binge spicy eating. 

The Vaccinations You Must Get Before Coming To Thailand

As you know, diseases like Chikungunya and Dengue fever are quite common in Thailand, so while walking on the streets of Thailand or relaxing on the beach or trekking somewhere. Always apply mosquito repellent cream containing DEET on your body, so that you do not get such disease. 

Every cautious traveler knows that vaccines are a crucial part of the pre-travel preparatory measure. 

Centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) says that all travelers to Thailand must receive Hepatitis A and B vaccines.

Travel Vaccination And Why You Need It
Travel Vaccination And Why You Need It

If you plan on taking a culinary tour of the country, then Hepatitis A protection is important as you are more prone to viruses via contaminated food and water. 

And if you plan to travel through small villages and rural areas, you must get the vaccine for typhoid, because in these areas sanitation may be lacking.

You should get the Japanese encephalitis vaccine if you are planning to travel to Bangkok and visit some of the more rural farming communities since this is where mosquitoes that carry the disease thrive. 

We wish that you enjoy the trip to Thailand to the fullest because it is undeniably the most gorgeous country. At the same time, we urge you to get the vaccination before you arrive here.

You can consult with the Passport Health travel medicine specialist. To determine your strategy for staying well abroad. Call 1-888-499-PASS to find the Passport Health clinic nearest to you.

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