Types Of Thailand Tourist Visa And Their Purposes

Thailand Tourist Visa

Visas enable you, based on the type of visa, to visit Thailand for a particular duration. The passport or traveling document indicates the day you are eligible to reside in the country for how long. Now, let’s know about different Thailand tourist visa.

Types Of Visas

Know About Different Thailand Tourist Visa
Know About Different Thailand Tourist Visa

Eight main types of Thailand tourist visa are provided through the Immigration Act that exists in Thailand. The reasons whereby a visa is given are limited to each kind. Therefore, foreigners must tightly comply with the laws regulating each category. However, community police will announce the changing of address or status throughout 24 hours.

  • Transit visa “TS”- For foreigners traveling through Thailand to some other country.
  • Tourist visas TR – strictly for sight-seeing reasons for tourists entering Thailand.
  • Non-immigrant visas – available temporarily to foreigners arriving in Thailand for a specific purpose such as:

-For commercial purposes (B)

-Business or economic activity (BA)

-Investment or other business-related matters under business promotion law (IB) shall apply. Above all, it is a visa category regulated by the Investment Board.

-For research or research reasons, (ED)

-For scientific study or training, with the authorization of a ministry or agency in a Thai academic or institutional levels (RS)

-The output of mass media activities (M)

-Missionary operation with the permission of the department or Ministry involved ®

-Professional or expert job findings (EX)

  • Diplomatic visa “D”- Valid for travelers who access the Kingdom on a subtle, consular or global project or for tasks.
  • Official visa “F”- For tourists carrying out the Thai government’s formal services.
  • Immigrant visa – For tourists coming to Thailand for permanent residency reasons (permanent residence).
  • Non-Quota Immigrant Visa – for permanent citizens planning to depart Thailand and come back within the next year. Above all, this is the visa for permanents who want to flee and return.
  • Courtesy visa – for the reasons besides the official roles of ambassadors or authorized passport holders who access the Kingdom and the regular passport holders.

Length Of Stay

The duration of your stay in Thailand will rely on the type of visa issued. The approved rest can not surpass thirty days for the transit visa. Therefore, your travel period should not exceed thirty or sixty days for a tourist visa.

The term shall not extend ninety days for Non-Immigrant Visas. Visas are permitted to remain in Thailand, as considered necessary for diplomatic, authorized, and courtesy visas.

Changing Type Of Visa

You can claim a non-immigrant visa if you plan to remain in Thailand further on a tourist visa. It is possible inside the country to do this process. For no under 29 days before the present visa expires you should request a change of form of visa. However, you must have various accompanying documentation. Above all, travelers should also have a look at the now and Thailand travel visa essentials.


The Best Thailand Tourist Visa
The Best Thailand Tourist Visa

The duration of your residence will be on your passport when you’ll land in Thailand. Passport and visa management in Thailand is an astringent and infringing operation. When you stay beyond, you have to pay Baht 500 in a penalty for every day.

You have to pay the penalty at the airport after you leave for the Immigration Department. However, you will be behind bars at the Immigration Detention Facility if you will not settle the charge for overstaying.

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