What To Do in Khon Kaen

khon kaen

Khon Kaen is a place with many activities. It is famous for its lake, Mae Nam Khong, which means “the river in heaven”. When you travel to Khon Kaen, don’t miss that place! The view of the sunset on the lake is simply breathtaking.

These are the things you can do to have fun in Khon Kaen.

1. Eat as much as you can at the Night Market!

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Khon Kaen has a night market each day of the week, but the best one is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You can buy clothes, food, and drinks! Everything is about 20-30% cheaper than department stores! You can also taste delicious local dishes such as pad Thai, som tam (green papaya salad), and many more.

You should try the Night Market if you come to Khon Kaen.

2. Visit temples other historical places

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There are a lot of temples and historical sites around the city, so you can rent a motorbike and visit them. There are many bicycle shops in the city, where you can rent a bike for 200 baths/day or less if it’s for an hour or two.

You can go around the temples on your own when you have already been to temples in Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, or Chiang Mai.

3. Try local food

However, if you don’t like the food in Thailand, try it once! You never know, Thai cooking is one of your favorite cuisines now. There are a lot of restaurants that sell local food and drinks near the bus station for an affordable price. If you’re a vegetarian, you can try a tofu burger! Or if you’re not a vegan, you can try insects as well.

4. Go shopping!

It is the best thing to do in Khon Kaen – go to Central Plaza Khon Kaen! It’s one of the biggest malls here, and it has almost EVERYTHING inside. You can buy clothes, makeup, shoes, smartphones, it has almost all the things you need.

5. Try Muay Thai

Do you like watching or learning Muay Thai? If you’re in Khon Kaen, why don’t go to a local school and try it yourself? There are many Muay Thai schools around where you can join and learn it for a short time or even live there if you want to train every day.

6. Try a real Thai massage

There are so many massage shops around, and they all offer a cheap price. 200-400 baths/hour is the average price for a massage in Khon Kaen, but some spas can go as high as 1,000 baths per hour, it’s worth that much money! With 500 baths you can buy an hour of massage and get the best Thai massage in your life.

7. Don’t forget to visit the Night Bazaar!

The Night Bazaar is open every day of the week, but you can buy food there only on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The prices are affordable so it’s worth checking out! Don’t expect to find expensive items like gold or jewelry because they’re not allowed in Thailand. Have fun shopping at the Night Bazaar – whether you want to buy clothes, delicious food, or knick knacks!

So what are you waiting for now? These are the things you can do in Khon Kaen when you have time, whether it’s your free day or weekend. Go ahead and enjoy your trip!

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